Your strategy is not what you say it is…


There’s one book that has warmed it’s way into our hearts – myself and darling husband (DH) that is. We’ve gifted more than 15 copies of this book in the past year and a half or so. I have in fact made a commitment to read this book at the beginning of every year, and I find myself still running back during the year. It’s that awesome, so full of wisdom.

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2016 Goals – Is it too late?


It’s been a bit quiet around here! 

For a million and one reasons, but I choose not to bore you. The good thing though, is that I’m back and better….Hallelujah? :)

If your strategy this year is to put everything in the hands of God, and wake up on December 31st, to find out how the year turned out, then this post is for you, because you will be selling yourself really short.

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Mid-year review for the goal-diggers.

Today happens to be the last day of the first half of 2016! Did I get an hallelujah to that?

At this time of year, a lot of companies with a formal performance evaluation system launch a mid-year review to appraise employees against performance objectives/ goals that were set at the beginning of the year. And in effect appraise how the company is doing in terms of it’s corporate objectives for the year. These mid-year reviews are intended to evaluate progress towards intended year-end results. 

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Ultrapreneur Interview: How Dunni Obata Makes Magic at Dooney’s Kitchen While Acing it at a 9-5

Hey You!

So, I got something big cooking today…..**wink**

I was super excited conducting this interview! Dunni is one person who truly epitomizes mastering the fine art of following your dreams while fully invested at a day job. In fact with all she does at Dooney’s Kitchen, it’s so easy to not notice she’s employed! I felt like a child who had just been handed a cookie jar when I finally got a go-ahead to call. ‘Call me now, I’ll multi-task’. And the rest they say is history….

I present to you Oladunni Obata of the famed Dooney’s Kitchen! **drum roll please**

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Adenike on Bellanaija – 5 Simple Steps For Thriving in a Challenging Economy

If we take a moment to look back in the history books, we will find story after story of how certain people had made the most of seemingly bad situations. How challenges had become fuel for surplus. How there can be an upside in a down turn. Real life stories from all over the world, including Nigeria, maybe even including a few you may know personally.

If you live in Nigeria at the moment, I hail oo! Remember that song? “Everything na double double…. everything na double double”. Prices are escalating like it’s going out of fashion. Buying power is racing downhill, while income is sitting pretty, or disappearing altogether for some. Analysts say there’s a looming recession!

We need to plan. 

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Hearty Cheers!


Ultrapreneur Interview: How Tomie Balogun Keeps It All Together On The Journey To Financial Independence

Today, I have such an interesting guest on ‘The Ultrapreneur’ interview series. Tomie Balogun is one amazing talent, and ruthless executor. Tomie shares her prospective on financial independence, and what she is doing to attain it, and help others do the same, all while acing it at a 9-5.

I still wonder if people like Tomie haven’t found a way to sneak in more than 24 hours into their day!

Let’s get right into it! I present to you Tomie Balogun! **drum roll please**! 

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Adenike on Bellanaija: Lessons from My Encounter with Pain and No Pain

I confess.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with lethargy and so-so-ness (is that even a word?, lol).

I can’t seem to focus on anything but sleep and play.  My family seems quite happy about it though. It’s a welcome development, considering I am just coming out of my not so interesting encounter with pain! But my Q2 goals are already amber (may be delayed)….on the way to red (off-track)! So, I made a mental note to get up early today….

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How To Prioritise Intentionally and Get More Done

Priorities have been on my mind ever since I spoke to Jide Olatunbode on The Ultrapreneur Interview (if you missed that, you can find it here), so much so I decided to share my thoughts and reflections on the subject.

Let me ask you a quick question: What are your top 3 priorities, in life?

My guess is your answer reads like: My relationship with my God, my family, and my health! Hmm hmm… I gotcha, right? For most people these 3 seem about right for topmost 3.

But, this is really blah blah blah….story for the gods! May I please announce to you that your priorities are not what you say they are? Nothing is hardly ever what you say it is. There’s always a great answer and a real answer to every question.

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Ultrapreneur Interview: How Jide Olatunbode combines being an award winning employee with his many other interests

I’m super duper excited! It’s the last day of Quarter 1 2016, and I made it! I’m finally launching the interview series I’ve written so much about! Woooohooo!

After much ado, I settled on the name – ‘The Ultrapreneur’ for the amazing individuals I’ll be interviewing in this series. Simply because I think the name captures the essence of combining the two forms of ‘preneurships: Entrepreneur + Intrapreneur  = Ultrapreneur! And that’s my creation in case you’re wondering…lol.

So, ‘The Ultrapreneur’ is that high performing individual who has mastered the fine art of following their dreams while fully invested at a day job. I’m so interested in this because it reflects my journey at the moment. And I’m quite certain there are other individuals of like passions. Guess we can do with all the inspiration and encouragement we can get on this Ultrapreneurial journey!

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