Failure is Feedback

In exactly a week, it will be the start of another new month, and social media will be agog with motivational messages – ‘keep pushing’, ‘keep going’, ‘don’t give up’. Sometimes, I fall for it too. But, we must pause and think.
Stop pushing may just be more appropriate in certain circumstances.
Here are a few examples:

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The walk is not the talk

I woke up early yesterday morning. And this exact phrase dropped in my mind – The walk is not the talk….


This post is dedicated to all those who find themselves in a position of leading and/ or influencing others. Those who have chosen the path to shine the light for others to follow. Teachers, Coaches, Pastors, Consultants, Content Creators, Lifestyle Bloggers, Leaders of every kind…..

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Time is running out….

Help me on this one.

What do you think? Does a person have all the time in the world to do what they want to do and be what they want to be?

Can they wait till whenever before they put some serious thought and action behind that idea tugging at their heart strings….

  • before they make that call to reconcile
  • or make that move to seal the deal
  • or file that application
  • or pop the question and finally become official with that beautiful babe. Lol…

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With a grateful lens…

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Hey Fam!

While reflecting on what to share today, I realized we are yet at another half way mark through the year. It’s 30th June people! Officially half year!

What’s your take on 2017 so far? Is it all you planned it to be? What’s going well, what’s not? What are you grateful for? What do you wish with all your might you could just change? If you continued with the second half of this year the way you have done this first half, how do you predict your year will end? Remember the concept of Earned Value Management (EVM) in Project Management? This is where it applies to life…

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