You are not alone…

You see your life is unique in many respects, and that’s why I say it is a Project.

But, no matter how unique a project is, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There’s an industry, a market, a pool of SMEs that can help, lessons learnt from similar projects, common issues and risks with other projects, the works.

The greatest trick of the enemy is to get you to a place where you feel isolated, and alone in this world. Don’t fall for it.

Why is this happening to ME?

Why am I so unlucky?

All my friends are ________, except ME?

Why can’t I just_________?

Why is it only my business/ career that’s not thriving? At this point you should burst out laughing. You know this can’t be true right?

Every single person you know is afraid of something, loves something, has lost something. Better still yearns for something…

You are not alone.

There is no temptation that has overtaken you that is not common to man.

Take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and say:

“Adenike, you are not alone! Others have overcome this and you will too. Others have achieved this against all odds, and you will too.” Of course, I expect you to substitute Adenike with your own name, but if you want to send me some positive vibes, I’m up for it. Lol…

The battle is started and won in the mind.

Acknowledging that you’re not alone doesn’t solve the problem, I agree. But it lifts you out of a place of despondence and helplessness. It gives you the clarity of thought required to look for and find the right solutions. It puts you back in charge. And that’s what PMs do, they stay in charge and keep steering their Project to success, come what may.

Take charge of your life. Yes you can.

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If you don’t like starting over, quit stopping they say…

How goes it in your side of town?

To say I have missed writing these notes and sharing my thoughts with you is an understatement. I hope you have missed reading from me as much as I have missed writing to you.

After I sent my last mail, I decided to take my own advice and reevaluate what I was doing with the blog. My plan was to take a couple of weeks off , restrategise, and  generally redirect my efforts. So, the first one week, I tried not to think about the blog at all. Just be free, and then come back when I’m ready. Big mistake!

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Failure is Feedback

In exactly a week, it will be the start of another new month, and social media will be agog with motivational messages – ‘keep pushing’, ‘keep going’, ‘don’t give up’. Sometimes, I fall for it too. But, we must pause and think.
Stop pushing may just be more appropriate in certain circumstances.
Here are a few examples:

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The walk is not the talk

I woke up early yesterday morning. And this exact phrase dropped in my mind – The walk is not the talk….


This post is dedicated to all those who find themselves in a position of leading and/ or influencing others. Those who have chosen the path to shine the light for others to follow. Teachers, Coaches, Pastors, Consultants, Content Creators, Lifestyle Bloggers, Leaders of every kind…..

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