As you were….

“‘As you were'” is a standard military command. It means, literally, ‘[return] to your previous posture’. Soldiers must snap to a formal ‘attention’ position when an officer enters their presence, and the officer issues this command to indicate they may resume their prior activities. The order is also used figuratively to command troops to moderate a temporary excitement. A poster on Urban Dictionary wittily describes the command as ‘The reset button of life.'”

The reset button of life!

We all were born curious, trusting, carefree. As babies we had no fear of pain or failure. That was left to the adults to worry about.

We knew that somehow breakfast will show up. So will lunch and dinner. If it doesn’t show up at the right time, the adults will hear it! We didn’t care how many clothes or shoes we had. Our work was play, interjected with feeding (refueling) and rest.

But gradually, we were tutored in what constitutes danger. We were told fear ought to be our first reflex and not blind trust. We were taught to only pay good for good. And evil for evil. We had to be reminded that someone had hurt us in the past and this must not be forgotten or forgiven.

We were inadvertently taught that God is almighty, He is our Father, He loves us; yet we couldn’t quite trust Him with our very lives. We must help Him. Step in. Find a way out. Any way out.

Today, I’m here to remind you that the carefree, trusting, fearless, curious child is still inside of you somewhere. You still want play to be your  work. You still want to forgive quickly and live fearlessly. You still want to go to sleep with no care in the world knowing that someone who loves you is watching over you. It’s in your DNA. It’s the way we all were. Before adulting crept in on us, and put us at a perpetual attention. 

Today, I’m here to give you a military command: “As you were!” “Relax!” “At ease!”

You must learn to trust again, to follow your curiosity, to keep no record of wrongs, to forgive quickly, to remain curious. You must learn to love again, with no strings attached. You must learn to laugh again, even when nothing is really that funny. You must learn to try again, no matter how many times you’ve failed. You must learn to be content again, with the bare essentials.

Only in returning to the way we originally were will we find true joy and peace.

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Take charge of your life! Yes, you can!

The Little Things….

Can you believe it’s FriYAY already? Oh yes, it is! Yaaaaay! Lol…

There’s this MTN radio advert that instantly sets me in a great mood every morning. It immediately makes me pause, look up, look around, and smile.

Here’s how it goes:

“Life is more beautiful when you allow yourself to appreciate the little things….ahn ahn… the simple things ahn ahn….Every day is more complete when you allow yourself to appreciate…the little things ahn ahn….the simple things ahn ahn….”

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It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when…

Hey Super Go-getter,

What’s your dominant thought regarding your aspirations? Do you find yourself most times wondering about ‘if’ or ‘when’? 

Don’t even question whether you have any aspirations at this moment or not. Trust me when I say you have them, whether they’ve been clearly articulated or not. Whether you acknowledge them consciously or they’re just playing in your subconscious mind. But, that’s not the story.

I’ve been in Dubai this whole week visiting with DH who’s been here for work.

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You are not alone…

You see your life is unique in many respects, and that’s why I say it is a Project.

But, no matter how unique a project is, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There’s an industry, a market, a pool of SMEs that can help, lessons learnt from similar projects, common issues and risks with other projects, the works.

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If you don’t like starting over, quit stopping they say…

How goes it in your side of town?

To say I have missed writing these notes and sharing my thoughts with you is an understatement. I hope you have missed reading from me as much as I have missed writing to you.

After I sent my last mail, I decided to reevaluate what I was doing with the blog. My plan was to take a couple of weeks off , restrategise, and  generally redirect my efforts. So, the first one week, I tried not to think about the blog at all. Just be free, and then come back when I’m ready. Big mistake!

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