Time is running out….

Help me on this one.

What do you think? Does a person have all the time in the world to do what they want to do and be what they want to be?

Can they wait till whenever before they put some serious thought and action behind that idea tugging at their heart strings….

  • before they make that call to reconcile
  • or make that move to seal the deal
  • or file that application
  • or pop the question and finally become official with that beautiful babe. Lol…

That last one brings to mind a Yoruba proverb about a man who went to visit his neighbour with the primary intent of renting a scarce traditional wear for an important ceremony. Thinking he had all the time in the world, he got there and got involved in neighbourhood gist. Then they offered him a meal and he said “why not?”. While he was eating, another neighbour came for the same purpose, but this one was pretty focused. He concluded his business at the door. Minimal pleasantries, straight to the point.

While the first neighbour was downing pounded yam and egusi soup, he heard the final exchange about returning ‘it’ as agreed o. Alarmed, he quickly told his host he had come to rent the scarce traditional wear, and he was told it had just been given out. I can’t imagine the disappointment, maybe even devastation on receiving that news! Don’t let that be you. He had the opportunity to get what he desired, but ‘time’ of asking did make a difference.

Here’s the moral of the story. If it matters, do it now. Do it first. Pay now play later the saying goes. Take the risk or lose the chance. Time may just li-te-rally be running out.

Of all the constraints you’ll face in your Life Project, time sure stands in a class of it’s own.

Make the most of time. Take action today.

With a grateful lens…

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Hey Fam!

While reflecting on what to share today, I realized we are yet at another half way mark through the year. It’s 30th June people! Officially half year!

What’s your take on 2017 so far? Is it all you planned it to be? What’s going well, what’s not? What are you grateful for? What do you wish with all your might you could just change? If you continued with the second half of this year the way you have done this first half, how do you predict your year will end? Remember the concept of Earned Value Management (EVM) in Project Management? This is where it applies to life…

And yes, you guessed right! It’s time to pause and reflect.

This time last year, I shared my approach for personal goal reviews here: mid-year review for the goal diggers.

Follow the link, and go through the review (I also talk about EVM in that post). Just pausing to think helps give you clarity and perspective. The year may jolly well not be as bad as you now think it is…errrrm…., and vice versa.

As you review your year, don’t forget to do it with a grateful, can-do lens.

The secret to whether you can still make the most of this year no matter what went down in the first half (and your role in that), lies in your perception of your role in what’s going down in the second. 

You are more powerful, than you care to think or imagine.

Here’s the link to your review: mid-year review for the goal diggers.

Hearty Cheers!


Are you giving up too soon?

A few weeks ago, I learnt an important lesson on what it means to give up too soon.

My darling 3 year old had been day potty trained since she was one year plus. An admirable feat. At one point she was really annoyed when we tried to put a diaper on her at night. She’d cry and flail her legs, resisting it with all her might. She wanted to be a big girl. But we’ll put it on her anyway, thinking she just couldnt be ready for night potty training yet.  (Or more like I was busy at the time and didn’t want to worry about waking up several times to take her to the potty, my bad!).

But as she approached 3 I became uncomfortable with her still in pull ups at night and soaking it through every night. Then I stopped buying diapers abruptly. It’s now or never. I didn’t want her still in pull ups much longer. 

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Find your why-power…

“I love the story of a salesman who looked out the window of the hotel restaurant at a blinding snowstorm. He asked his waiter: ‘Do you think the road will be clear enough in the morning to travel?’

The waiter replied: ‘Depends on if you are on salary or commission.'”

That’s an excerpt from a book I’m reading at the moment. And I totally love the story too.

What better illustration of the power of a strong ‘Why’? 

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What’s your personal agenda?


Hey Fam!

I have a question for you.

When you wake up in the morning: Do you have a personal agenda for your day?

When you attend seminars, events, parties: Do you go there with a personal agenda?

When you go to work in the morning: Do you arrive with a personal agenda?

When you spark off a friendship or relationship: Is there an agenda?

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