Much ado about the rat race



How many times have you seen a or heard a message that makes it clear that you are not supposed to be happy if you’re an employee? You must escape they say. You are in a rat race! Start your own business, so you can be free!

The worrisome thing is that a lot of young people have bought into this. Many refuse to get a job, wasting precious time on the internet. Some that do, are passing time, waiting to escape and start their own business. Adding no real value.

See, the so-called rat race has nothing to do with whether you are employed in a 9 – 5 or not.

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The Power of Now…


Last Sunday, I was in an accident.

Nothing serious, but an accident nonetheless.

How did this happen, you may ask.

I was ‘thinking’. The news broke that morning of the passing of one gospel singer called Eric Arubayi, and a few other distressing news about people going through things they didn’t bargain for.

So, here I was wondering about the future and thinking about the past, and asking all sorts of questions in my mind. And I was actively going through all these emotions, and asking all these questions while driving all by myself. Next thing I hear is ‘Gba-gba-gba-gba’……an accident! I had climbed a side walk.

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The Critical Path of Your Life…

Are you a learner?

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” – Abraham Lincoln

So my question to you today is ‘are you a learner?’

Just writing this reminds me of one of the earlier hits of Olamide Baddohsneh…..You don’t know Olamide? I’ll forgive you if you’re not Nigerian, otherwise you must be very ‘old-skool’, maybe you know Kolington Ayinla instead. Hahahaha…

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