What’s so special about December?


This is for you if 2016 so far hasn’t been everything you hoped and dreamed.

This is for you if 2016 dealt you a rather tough hand.

This is for you if you do a mental check of your long list of ‘things to achieve in 2016’, and quite a lot is yet to be crossed off.

This is for you if you struggle to see what’s so special about December.

So, here’s a my take….

December is simply a time to Remember….

To reflect on the last year, and purposefully usher in the new one.

A time to remember to be grateful for the most simple gift of life.

A time to strengthen our resolve to make a mark in the current year. For your career, your family, your finances…

A time to spread love and kindness in commemoration of the birth of Our King!

A time to take stock, and clean house….literally, and not so literally…

A time to hope again, against hope.

After all, December promises to usher in a new year, a new lease of life, a new round of celebrations, a new time to dream, a new opportunity to achieve….

So, let’s put on an attitude of gratitude and welcome December with the intention to crown this roller coaster year with a Big Bang!

It’s never too late people! A lot can still happen this year…Give December a big smile, and a warm embrace!

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! La-la-la-la-la…..

We’re ready December, bring on all the goodies you’ve got!

The Power of The Next Step

Next Step

“If you want to know what your future holds… Look at where you are in the Here and Now. The future will be another step down the same path you’re already on. So if you want to feel (be) different tomorrow… Change how you feel (are) today.”  – Jesse Elder

A couple of months ago, I was at a hangout with the lovely ladies of a movement called Inspired Women of Worth (iWoW), and there I listened to Tomi Rotimi of Exclamations speak.

I honestly can’t remember what her topic was, but I heard all about the power of the ‘Next Step’. Maybe this topic especially resonated with me because I typically want to know what the step after the next step is, before moving at all. But, I have since learnt to overcome this limiting bias.

I listened to how this beautiful woman conceived an idea to extend her brand, and she had absolutely no idea how she was going to make it happen. But she did make it happen by simply taking it one step at a time.

She kept challenging herself with thoughts like – what’s the first thing I can do that doesn’t require any money or resources?; now what else can I do?; and then what else can I do?

As she stayed true to these ideas, and kept challenging herself in this way, while putting everything in the hands of God, she started to attract everything she needed to make it a reality, and today it is a reality.

So, that’s food for thought for today.

There’s really no hope of a different or a better future (for you or your career or business), if you don’t brace up, and take the next step!

There’s always something that can be done.  Take the first logical step. The first plausible step. The first possible step. Whatever it is that you can do to take you in the direction of your dreams, just do it.

Remember, the first move is ALWAYS yours, and then God backs you up with the next step, and the next step….until you finally arrive at your destination.

And when it does happen that you fall off-track, just take the next logical step – Get back on track! Just keep moving, take the step after the next step!

“If you want to feel (be) different tomorrow… Change how you feel (are) today.”

Hope you take action today!

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Who do you run to when you need support?
Who are your ‘personal’ people – ahead of you, at par with you or behind you?

Who do you trust to put in a word for you in the right hearing when you need it most?

Who is that person who you’re sure will do everything within their means to help you succeed?

Who is unashamed to be rooting for you? Who will risk being looked at one ‘kain’ for doing unusual stuff for you?

Who will put ALL of their resources at your disposal?

As I go to and fro social media (Instagram to be precise), I can’t help noticing young people pulling off amazing feats…

Neither do I fail to notice the young and not-so-young people who seem to be at their beck and call…

Laying bare ALL of their resources for their use….

Rooting for them loud and clear!

And it happens everywhere – work place, business place, market place, every place…

One of my friends in the University had something weird going on. She had ‘people projects’. She just picks on someone randomly she wants to get friendly with. It was a bit weird because she used to pick the not so popular people. But, guess what? Those people come to hold her in high esteem, and would probably never forget her….

You ought to start a ‘people project’ too, or a ‘network project’ if you like, especially if networking doesn’t come so naturally to you…

Plant your network tree before you need shade, dig the well before you are thirsty…

People are everything. We pray to God, but He uses people to answer those prayers…

Start today, think of one person you’ll like to get friendly with at work, in business, or simply in life, and reach out to them. If you’re afraid of being rejected, don’t start with someone who can help you, start with someone you can help. What you make happen for others, God makes happen for you…

Your network is your net worth…


Lastly, as a true Yoruba girl. I can’t finish this post without greeting our friends in America and all over the world: “A ma de kuu ti Trumpuu yi keh”. Unfortunately, I can’t translate that, lol…

Here’s something to remember from the American election:  Impossibility is nothing! When you have already said no to yourself (based on your assessment of your qualifications and any other excuses your mind can conceive), don’t expect anyone else to say yes.

Say ‘Yes!’ to deliberately building your network!  Because you can!

 Hope you take action today!

The Number One Habit….


We hear it almost everyday; sigh, sigh, sigh….


I just can’t get myself motivated enough to (lose weight, test my blood sugar, eat healthy consistently, finally commit to personal growth, learn something new, make that change I/ my business/ my career so desperately need, etc). And we hear an equal number of sighs from diabetes educators, doctors, coaches, CEOs, parents, etc) who can’t get their patients (subordinates, children, mentees, proteges) to do the right thing for their diabetes and health (or career and life).


We have news for you. Motivation is not going to strike you like lightning. And motivation is not something that someone else – nurse, doctor, family member, manager, peers, CEO – can bestow or foce on you. The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation. Just do it.


Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar, or your blood pressure, buy a new book and actually read it, get hold of your finances (finally start saving, investing), spend more time with your spouse, your children. Do it without motivation, and then guess what? After you start doing the thing, that’s when motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep doing it.


Motivation is like love and happiness. It’s a by-product. When you’re actively involved in doing something, it sneaks up and zaps you when you least expect it.


As Havard psychologist Jerome Burner says, “You are more likely to act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action.” This is worth repeating: “You are more likely to act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action.”


So act! Whatever (pure things) it is you know you should do, do it. Just do it!


just do it

That right there is an excerpt from the first chapter of ‘The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth’ by John C. Maxwell. *Inserts in italics mine.*

What do you do when you need to pick yourself up, and get back on track? My favourite pick me up when I find that I seem to be rather aimless is to read a good book. And I have been quite aimless in the past week or two. Aimless meaning I get up, go to work, do the work, come back, do homework, sleep, repeat. I’m chasing nothing, and nothing is chasing me. Not acceptable! So, I went searching in the home library a.k.a book shelf, and settled on this book. No regrets whatsoever! I have only read one chapter of the book, and I can’t begin to explain how it’s helping me refocus, and accomplish so much.

I digress…Back to our excerpt! The number one habit you’ll ever cultivate is the habit of taking action. No one ever lost weight by reading up on weight loss, watching exercise videos, or following weight loss coaches on instagram. Lol… And it’s the same with whatever else you want to achieve. There are only two steps involved: 1. Decide, 2. Take action.

One of Tara Fela-Durorotoye’s mentees once wrote about how she discusses an idea with you on Friday night, and before you wake up on Monday morning the idea is already in motion. Can you imagine?! Isn’t that the very stuff legends are made of? The more you wait, the more likely that your super idea will never see he light of day. What’s more? Fear and doubt creeps in. And giving room for fears and doubts will only stop you from taking action. And you never really know until you take action, and step out. Right? Right!

Here’s the plan:

“Before you get out of bed every morning, say ‘do it now’ fifty times. At the end of the day before you go to sleep, the last thing you should do is say ‘do it now’ fifty times.”

Fifty times is only indicative, just say it many many times. I practiced this just yesterday and it’s been phenomenal. If it crosses your mind to make a call, say ‘do it now’, and go ahead to make it; if it crosses your mind to check out a learning program that may be good for you, say ‘do it now’, and then go ahead, if it crosses your mind to pray, ‘do it now’, if it crosses your mind to stop wasting your time on facebook or instagram, you betcha do it now babe!

That’s another excerpt from the book by the way.

So, there you have it. The number one habit of high achievers, is the habit of consistently taking action. Good action, if I may add (Lol…). More action, less talk. So let’s do this, repeat after me: “DO–IT–NOW!”

Hope you take action today!


How to start planning (even when you don’t like planning…)



Some people are just natural at planning.

They like to plan everything ahead.

And then add a Plan B, and C subconsciously. Just in case! They do it without much ado.

I am one of them.

I think it’s because I really really don’t like surprises? Yeah, I know that sounds boring….Lol.

I remember once when DH planned a surprise birthday party for me. He actually had to throw some hints my way, so I’m not caught completely unawares. Lol…so much for a surprise birthday party! Guess he knows me too well!

Long and short of the story is, if I get the opportunity, I prefer to plan ahead. As much as is humanly possible.

But, I realize, this planning lifestyle doesn’t come as naturally for everyone. Some people are actually on the other extreme. They can’t get themselves to plan anything ahead. And I mean anything. They are nearly completely spontaneous. Their motto is ‘Que sera sera….whatever will be will be….the future’s not ours to see….que sera sera….’

Mostly, it simply boils down to personality rather than anything else. And one personality is not better than the other, as long as we all find a way to balance out what is needful.

And I dare say planning is needful.


Because if you can truly articulate what you want out of your life {insert finances, business, health, family, etc} at some point down the road {weeks, months, or year(s)}, and can figure out what you need to make it a reality, and go further to break it down into actionable baby steps, then you are bound to increase the probability of making it a reality by more than 50%.

I’ll take that chance and plan ahead.

Surely we all have ideas floating in our heads regarding what we want. Who doesn’t want more money, a happy family, progress in their career and the likes? But, big things hardly happen with vague ideas floating in your head somewhere. It usually takes a little more than that. You would do better with a specific representation of what you want, penned down. And you will have to constantly work at it. Never mind the fact that what you want may change along the way, what matters is that the exercise keeps you focused, keeps you accountable, and keeps you growing. So, if it changes, no big deal, change it.

Guess what? I hate to break it to you, but it’s that time of year again. 2016 is gradually coming to an end – the first month of the last quarter is nearly over – and plans for 2017 will soon be in top gear.

Truth be told though, even the natural planners amongst us still fail to properly harness the power of planning for the really important aspects of our lives. How much more, those who do not ‘like’ planning.

So, my job today is to keep it simple, especially for those who don’t really like planning.

Here’s what you can do to get started:

  1. Accept the fact that you need to plan: This is step number one. Get your mind aligned. It’s no secret. You will achieve much more with a plan than you would without one. So, do yourself a favor and accept this reality.
  2. Take baby steps: Now that you’ve accepted that you need to plan, get right into it. You can start to incorporate planning into your every day life by doing simple things like picking out what you will wear the next day at the end of each day; or planning out your meals for a full week if you’re keen on healthy eating; or working out exactly how much you want to spend (or can afford to spend) the rest of this month; you can also flip that and work out how much you want to save (I’m better with this one…spending is another matter, hehehehe). You get the drift? If you are an entrepreneur, a good one will be how much you still want to make before the end of this year, plus how you intend to make it. 

The point is to start small, pick whatever catches your fancy and plan it. TODAY! Especially if you are the completely spontaneous type. The more you exercise your planning muscles in simple things, the more you can cascade it to other aspects of your life. Nothing beats taking action if you want to learn a new skill or habit.

3. Work it: Even though planning in itself gives you clarity and helps you grow, a plan is only as good as your execution of it. So, if you want your plan to work, you gotta work it!

Hope you take action today!

Is this happening to you?

Image result for bored


Hey Fam!

How are you holding up in these uncertain times?

Quite frankly, the talk of recession-recession-recession is beginning to wear me out. You can’t get into any decent conversation with Nigerians these days without hearing the ‘R’ word. The classical answer to everything now is…‘it’s the recession!’ Or ‘don’t you know we’re in a recession?’ It’s the reason someone is yet to be married, it’s the reason an able bodied young man throws in the towel and neither looks for a job nor engages in a potentially profitable venture, it’s the reason a business man no longer does a decent job of trying to attract clients. After all, there is ‘no money’ in the economy, don’t you know we’re in a recession? And the news doesn’t help one bit!

In fact the word on the street is that household shopping is ending more and more in panic attacks, plus emergency meeting of madam and the househelps on ration sizes, plus express threats of not buying certain brands of provision for the children anymore…all these picky children have no idea now, do they? Hian!

So, things have changed, and so should you.

But….! Mind how you change! Don’t join the rhetoric of complaining about the recession or escalating prices, which I sorta prefer. Stay calm and devise creative ways of coping with the changes instead. And please, don’t believe everything you hear….Relax! there is still ‘money’ in the economy. Plenty money sef. 

You heard me, the money hasn’t gone anywhere, but the rules have changed, and are still changing. Spending habits are changing, organisations are changing…

I got this excerpt from a message I received from a colleague at work yesterday:

“The story is told of two men sitting in a bar. The first sits there and mopes, feeling sorry for himself.
Bartender: “What’s the problem?”
The man responded: “The economy is awful. My business is losing money every second, and I may have to declare bankruptcy.”
Bartender: “I’m so sorry, here, have a beer on the house.”
A few minutes later, the bartender sees the second man celebrating and buying drinks for everyone.
Bartender: “What’s the occasion?”
The second man: “The economy is awful!”
Confused, the bartender asks: “Why on earth would you celebrate that?”
The second man: “I’m a bankruptcy lawyer!””

The title of the piece was ‘a coin has two sides’. I totally agree. This recession-recession-recession we’re screaming at the top of our lungs has two sides. The negative and complaining side; and the positive and profitable side. You should choose the positive side. If you ever say ‘we’re in a recession’, you should follow it by how you’re harnessing that bit of information. Because, that’s what it is – information. What you do with that information is what really determines what side of the coin you land on.

Have you planned out your finances for the next couple of months or you’re still buying away banking on the alert you are bound to receive at the end of the month, or not receive? Have you thought of ways to preserve your wealth however big or small (government securities, mutual funds, investments and the rest) or are you still holding your little nest in a savings or current account, knowing fully well that in a recession the value erodes daily? Scratch that….The value erodes by the minute! Have you thought about more innovative ways to deliver your services to your customer so that you don’t have to increase prices, and yet preserve a large chunk of your profit margin? Have you thought of what business ideas are particularly known to thrive in a recession? just like the bankruptcy lawyer in the excerpt above? Have you thought about a replacement for your lost income stream, or a second or third stream of income as the case may be?

If you haven’t thought about some or all of these, this is a clarion call to please do! Don’t let this recession happen to you! After all, the bible tells us of how Isaac sowed in the land in the same year there was a famine, and he reaped a hundred fold, because…the Lord blessed him (Isaiah 26: 1, 12-14). Keep sowing in faith, and the Lord will surely bless!

Between, did you hear the story of the boys washing their hands with expensive champagne at a night club recently? And your’re busy shouting there’s ‘no money!’ Abegiii, you better position for a progression in this recession (did I just rhyme?, Lol…)

Hope you take action today!


Guest Post by Deji Jemiyo: Be The Game!

Game Changer2

Sometime about 3 years ago, I came across an audio message by Pastor Chris Oyakilome. A short 4-minute audio that centers around mental readiness and action steps to succeed in life. One part of the message particularly resonated with me, and anytime I need to motivate myself to keep going I always go back to listen to the message just to hear this part….

 “……time is important don’t spend your time watching TV, Videos 24 hours. Those that you are watching have put their best into what you are watching. Change the position, say to yourself, I will be watched….Some of you are so hung up on designers, designer this, designer that, where are your own designs….?”

How powerful?! Have you ever thought or wondered if you could be the next Tom Cruise, Lionel Messi,  Genevieve Nnaji, Roger Federer, Richard Branson, Mark Zukerberg? Can you see the possibilities? Or does it sound ridiculous and unattainable to you given your current realities?

I want to implore you today. Take Pastor Chris’ advice. Change the game. Be the game. You too can be watched!

Many people think Game Changers have some kind of advantage – luck, extraordinary talent or privilege that separates them from the rest. There is, in fact, something that separates them from the rest, but it’s not any of these things. What they have is clarity of thought, a great positive mindset, grit and audacity, compassion for making the world around them a better place.

Game Changers are willing to look different, act different, and go off in their own direction. They change the way things are done, thought about or made. They believe things can be done better, faster or cheaper. They solve problems. They are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to address challenges, or provide solutions. They are willing to go above and beyond, take calculated risks, and stand up for a worthy cause. 

 Are you able/ willing to change the game for your life? Here are a few things you can do to become a Game Changer:

  1. Change Your Attitude – Nothing can alter your circumstances quicker than a positive attitude. Even the worst of situations can be turned around with the right attitude.
  2. Change Your Attire – That’s right! You many need to change your appearance. Dress for the position you want to attain. Dressing it up can improve your confidence, as well. If you want to be taken seriously, make sure you dressing reflects this intention.
  3. Change Your Job – Well, if you need to, why not? It may be a bad opportunity. It may not be a cultural fit for you. Whatever the reason, make the decision and move on when you must.
  4. Change Your Time – Well, I mean change how you spend it. Try shifting your work schedule. Many people find that working earlier in the day provides a boost to their productivity. What would happen if you arrived at work a half-an-hour earlier each day?
  5. Change Your Habits – Your habits define who you are. If you are on a negative path, you may need to change what you do every day. Replace negative habits with positive ones.
  6. Change Your Relationships – Very important! You are who you hang out with. This is true whether you like it or not. What crowd are you hanging with? It can be hard to change friendships, but it is sometimes necessary.
  7. Change Your Perspective – Don’t be narrow-minded. Listen to learn. Expose yourself to a wide array of new material. Put yourself in the shoes of someone else. How does your boss (or significant other) truly see you? If you are in charge of others, try doing their job for a day. It may change your views.
  8. Change Your Hobbies – It may be fun to stay up until 3 a.m watching TV or playing the latest online video game. However, those activities are probably not taking you where you want to go.
  9. Change Your Skills – Well, update them, by learning something new. What have you learned lately? Taking a class to learn a new skill or finishing your degree, or finally taking that certification exam may be the thing that finally changes the game for you.

All these may sound like common sense, but of what use is common sense if not applied? You can achieve uncommon success by committing to applying these simple tips. 

I rest my pen, but don’t you forget: Up your game! Change the game! Be the game!

N.B: Something is coming! I’m working on a series of books for career, business, project and start-up success. It’s going to be game changing. It’s going to be phenomenal. Watch out!

To your success,

Deji Jemiyo, The Game Changer

How productive are you?

Image result for productivity

Productivity on my mind today.

And the question is: ‘How really productive are you?’

It’s an interesting question for two reasons. One is, many of us go through the motions of life – work, family, religion, etc, without pausing to think about this. Two is, many of us that bother to pause and think measure our productivity by ‘comparing’ ourselves to others. Interesting yard stick.

So, you have this friend or schoolmate you unconsciously measure yourself against. And it seems logical. You went through school at the same pace and graduated same year….so you ought to progress through life on roughly the same schedule. At least not so far from each other you rationalise. When they get their first job, you wonder why you don’t have yours. Same thing when they get married, have their first child, get ahead in their career….etc.

Okay, maybe you don’t measure yourself against a friend or old school mate/ colleague. What about your younger sibling. Gotcha! Right? This one seems really logical. You came into this world before them, so you ought to stay ahead of them, at least if only slightly.

I’m sure just reading this would make anyone realize that measuring your results or productivity like this is plain torture.

Our common friend google defines productivity like so:

“the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.”

And I kinda agree. I scratched the industry part because the definition works whether in industry or otherwise. So, productivity measures rate of output per unit of input.

Therefore, in simple terms how productive you are would depend on your unique combination of gifts and talents; and your ability to recognize them and work them.

I found an interesting bible passage to illustrate this: ‘The parable of the ten talents’ Voila!

(Matthew 25: 14 – 30)

14 “Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them. 15 To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag, each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey. 16 The man who had received five bags of gold went at once and put his money to work and gained five bags more. 17 So also, the one with two bags of gold gained two more. 18 But the man who had received one bag went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money…..”

This man gave to each servant what he thought they could handle. And when he returned to settle accounts with them he wasn’t wrong after all. Each one was judged to have done well or otherwise based on what they were given and their dedication towards working it, so much so that they doubled it.

And of course, the servant who got just one talent also proved his master right. He did nothing with it. His presentation was full of complaints, and fear. Fear! He knew his master was hard and didn’t want to lose his money so he neglected to work it. He hid it instead! Of course the one talent was snatched from him and given to the more productive servant.

Someone once said: ‘God is a capitalist’. Now, this is not anywhere in the holy books, but it’s easy to believe since we are made in the image and likeness of God, and you wouldn’t keep putting more resources where you don’t expect it to grow and multiply, will you? At most you’ll put in the barest minimum there.

My point is, we would each produce greater results in our lives if we focus on working the talents and resources we’ve been graciously given. If we quit comparing ourselves to others and wishing we were handed their own combination of talents. If we quit complaining. If we boldly go for it, and throw fear out the window….And what’s more, the more productive you are with what you have, the more you attract (a.k.a the more God entrusts you with). 

So, to become more productive in any sphere of your life – work, family, finances, etc, you must take an inventory of all the resources at your disposal today – time, money, talents/ passions, people, etc; and commit to working these resources till they produce more and help you become more.

Hope you take action today!





Do you need to declutter?

Image result for clean house niecy nash


The classical definition of clutter is cramming so much into a space than it can hold meaningfully. If you’ve seen any episode of ‘Clean House’ on DSTV (used to be hosted by Niecy Nash), I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Episode after episode you find people who clutter their homes to mind-numbing degrees. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder “who does this?”. How do you keep bringing more stuff into your home to the point where there is hardly walking space. In fact, there is hardly sleeping space on some beds! Pheeew!

This process of cluttering happens gradually, and quite unintentionally too. Those pair of shoes that seemed like a deal you couldn’t afford to pass up (even though the shoes were not exactly your size sef)! Those clothes you are holding on to in hopes of losing some weight (I’m everly guilty of this one), all those hair care and skin care products that lose their appeal after the first use. Take away plates nkor? they seemed like great freezer bowls at the time but you have now accumulated so much! That sounds like you, right? Me too!

It brings me to a realization that most of us overestimate what we actually need for a fulfilling existence. Face it, you have enough clothes and shoes, what you lack is creativity. Ouch!  Here’s a litmus test, if there are clothes or shoes in your wardrobe that you have not worn in 3 months, then you most definitely have more than you need. You can stretch that a bit and say 6 months if you like. Many of us have clothes and shoes we haven’t worn, or only worn a few times in 2 years!

Interestingly, so much belongings can actually be a pain in the behind! Clutter weighs down, clutter masks beauty, clutter makes it difficult to get to what is important. Have you ever been in a situation where you want to wear this particular skirt/ top and you have to throw everything down and sweat it out in order to get to it? You need to declutter!

Like our homes, many of us gradually clutter our lives. Quite unintentionally too. We sign up for one more activity. Make one more commitment. Volunteer in one more cause. Join another group in church. We hold on to issues in our hearts, long after they have lost any relevance. When we should have healed and moved on, we choose to stay in pain. Dealing with clutter is tough and tedious, but it must be done at some point. The fatigue and burn out it leads to are surely not worth it. At the end of the day, just a few things really matter, and if we are true to ourselves (as we should be), we know what these are. A calendar that is full to overflowing is not necessarily a good thing.  I know that being busy makes many of us feel important, some even use activities as a form of escape. But be careful, so that you don’t trap yourself in a rat race. All motion, no movement.

Ever heard of the term ‘white space’? In architecture, a white space or negative space is a strategically unfilled space. Meaning, you deliberately leave a space bare. It has also been imported into process management to mean areas where no one is in charge, and there are a number of other connotations. You know the feeling when you walk into a large spacious reception in an organisation or a large uncluttered sitting room in a home. It’s beautiful, and somewhat edifying. The space in itself confers some sort of magnificence. That’s what white space does, when used strategically. You feel free! You feel relaxed! You feel more…

I have since adopted a systematic approach to declutter my home. Giving up belongings to a mission to the less privileged has been a great avenue for me. But, it hasn’t been an easy task. Many times I put away some things to be given out or even thrown away depending on the condition, but I find myself going back and saying this one is so pretty, maybe I can still wear it a few more times. Or, I just might lose enough weight to be able to wear this again.

Decluttering is never an easy task, whether it’s your home or your life. Taking the right steps to prevent accumulating clutter in the future is even tougher. But, the ROI can be magnificent.

The first step towards becoming more productive is to declutter, so that you can have full view of what truly matters at every point in time; and devote enough time and attention to those.

Less is truly more. For both your home and your life.

Hope you take action today!

Comments, thoughts? Let’s hear them in the comments section below.

And don’t forget to share!

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Trust your journey….

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In my first semester at the Lagos Business School, while studying for my full-time MBA, I had to take a few classes in Speed Reading. It seemed rather logical with the volume of material we were expected to digest at the end of each day and discuss in class the following day, we sure needed it. This was the school’s way of subtly making it clear that there would be no excuses for not studying your cases and getting ready to contribute in class. There was a score for class participation, and this made up a fair amount of your final score (can’t remember now, but I think it was about 30%).

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