When the day ends, the year ends, we finally retire, we grow old, the children leave home, memories are what we’ll be left with.

Creating great memories is such an important part of living meaningfully. Great memories with family, friends, even alone often becomes a wealth of warmth and wisdom.

So, what great memories will you create this year?

What interesting things will you do?

What moves will you make?

What new places will you visit?

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Are you ignoring your most important stakeholder?

Hey Friend!

Did you read my last post?

Started experimenting yet?

I’d like to know if you did decide to start an experiment based on that post.

I have said this over and over again, and I think we all know it subconsciously: It’s not really what you know that changes your life, it’s what you do. There is an abundance of ideas thrown at us every day, but it won’t ever matter if we don’t pick out the ones that resonate with us and ‘do’ something with them.

Now, unto today’s matter.

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Learning from experiments

ex‧per‧i‧ment /ɪkˈsperəmənt/ [noun]

  1. a scientific test done to find out how something reacts under certain conditions, or to find out if a particular idea is true
  2. a process in which you test a new idea or method to see if it is useful or effective

My week started out on a high when I published my first e-book on Sunday night (read I exported to pdf, set up for download on my blog and announced on Instagram and Facebook!). It’s 2017 guys, that’s all it takes to become an author! An e-book author! Hahahahaha….

So, I’m an author now! **grinning from ear to ear**

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Much ado about the rat race



How many times have you seen a or heard a message that makes it clear that you are not supposed to be happy if you’re an employee? You must escape they say. You are in a rat race! Start your own business, so you can be free!

The worrisome thing is that a lot of young people have bought into this. Many refuse to seek a job, wasting precious time on the internet. Some that do, simply pass time at the job, waiting to escape and start their own business. Adding no real value.

See, the so-called rat race has nothing to do with whether you are employed in a 9 – 5 or not.

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The Power of Now…


Last Sunday, I was in an accident.

Nothing serious, but an accident nonetheless.

How did this happen, you may ask.

I was ‘thinking’. The news broke that morning of the passing of one gospel singer called Eric Arubayi, and a few other distressing news about people going through things they didn’t bargain for.

So, here I was wondering about the future and thinking about the past, and asking all sorts of questions in my mind. And I was actively going through all these emotions, and asking all these questions while driving all by myself. Next thing I hear is ‘Gba-gba-gba-gba’……an accident! I had climbed a side walk.

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