Stop saying NO to yourself

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Hey Friends!

I didn’t write here last week, and I almost felt like something was wrong. Lol.

Though I had decided I wasn’t going to write, I kept asking DH ‘Is today Friday?’ Lol. Talk about the power of habits.

I have only written consistently every Friday for about four months, and not only do I naturally enter that writing zone when it’s Thursday/ Friday morning; it has also helped me better my writing skills.

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How to change, and make it stick

Be bold for change!

These were the words on the lips of many powerful women in commemoration of the International Women’s Day, just a few weeks ago.

I read many of the write-ups and memes with some level of detachment at first. Then curiosity. And that’s because I strongly believe that it is difficult to push other people to change, it’s hard enough trying to change yourself. So telling someone ‘Change!’ is most times futile.

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When the day ends, the year ends, we finally retire, we grow old, the children leave home, memories are what we’ll be left with.

Creating great memories is such an important part of living meaningfully. Great memories with family, friends, even alone often becomes a wealth of warmth and wisdom.

So, what great memories will you create this year?

What interesting things will you do?

What moves will you make?

What new places will you visit?

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Are you ignoring your most important stakeholder?

Hey Friend!

Did you read my last post?

Started experimenting yet?

I’d like to know if you did decide to start an experiment based on that post.

I have said this over and over again, and I think we all know it subconsciously: It’s not really what you know that changes your life, it’s what you do. There is an abundance of ideas thrown at us every day, but it won’t ever matter if we don’t pick out the ones that resonate with us and ‘do’ something with them.

Now, unto today’s matter.

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