Breaking Bad Habits & Forming New Ones

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Habits are powerful.

Many times they slip up on you ‘seemingly’ in ghost mode, become quite established in your life, then become nearly impossible to kick out or change.

If you read my last article and participated in the action challenge, then you should be a little more aware of your habits and have probably decided those ones you need to change or simply kick out of your life – the bad and the ugly.
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Are your habits serving you?

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Habits are those things you do repeatedly without much thought.

We all have them.

In fact most of us have many more than than we are aware of.

Research has it that, habits are responsible for 40% of our actions on any given day. In other words, you tend to do the same things you’ve always done, in the same way you’ve always done them. Day after day. For 40% of your daily actions. Thus, your habits control your day, and in essence your life.

Now, this wouldn’t be such a problem if all our habits are healthy and helpful….but errrrm, many of them quite aren’t.

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Making The Most of the Hand You’re Dealt in 2018

My new year post on Bellanaija. Which I sort of forgot to post here.

I hope it inspires you to play to win in 2018. It’s never too late.

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I hope your year has already kicked off on a great note. Well, even if it hasn’t, you still have a lot of time to create a successful year.

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Are you doing the hard stuff?

How goes it in you side of town?

I put up a post on my Instagram handle a couple of days ago that has continued to linger on in my mind.

And it’s about choosing to do the hard stuff.

You see when I was growing up, my mum had this Yoruba proverb she repeated ever so often, and it goes: “te te jiya, ko ma ba jiya mo…” Literally translated as “suffer quickly so you won’t have to suffer again”.

Now, this was never about literal suffering, but rather to encourage us that we  always have a choice to do the hard things before we really have no choice than to do the harder things. Let that sink in….

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Keep Moving….Forward!

I welcomed February with mixed feelings.

Oh yes! One whole month is gone already and well, I’m officially behind on some of my goals. Whether my timelines for achieving those goals were realistic in the first place or not is a different ball game, but the fact is I’m officially behind.

It’s interesting how this same sequence of things tends to play out every year. You start the year with a lot of ‘ginger’, and then life happens and you settle in with the same ‘ol.

If this resonates with you, here’s your reminder to stir yourself up and make sure to keep moving. Yes, keep moving. In the direction of your dreams.

It’s a battle we’re in. And it’s a battle for a life of significance. If you want this year to count for something, it’s not too early to start to take stock and ‘re-ginger’ yourself.

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