2016 Goals – Is it too late?


It’s been a bit quiet around here! 

For a million and one reasons, but I choose not to bore you. The good thing though, is that I’m back and better….Hallelujah? 🙂

If your strategy this year is to put everything in the hands of God, and wake up on December 31st, to find out how the year turned out, then this post is for you, because you will be selling yourself really short.

Really? Really!

A couple of great things might happen, after all there is a place for grace and unexpected happenstances. But this will be nothing compared to what ‘could have’ happened. Simply because you also harness unexpected opportunities better, and respond to unexpected threats better, if you’re focused on something specific.

The best time to have set goals for this year and started working at them was right before (or just as) the year rolled in. But guess what, the next best time is now.


Take one baby step right now. 

Write down exactly how you want this year to end. You can make it a general statement for this exercise. But, you will have to do the work of breaking it down later. 

In the last month or so, we have seen the power of goal setting demonstrated in real life, thanks to the Rio Olympics. In case you missed that on social media, let me share here:

  1. This young lady called Morolake Akinosun wrote a tweet 5 years ago: “In 2016 I will be 22, graduated from a school I have not chosen yet, and going to the Olympics (:” 

Guess what happened in 2016….

Morolake Akinosun Tweet

Just as we were chewing on this Morolake story, another one surfaced on social media

2. Ryan Murphy, wrote in a letter to his parents when he was 8: “I hope my swimming life continues, and I become an Olympian when I grow up. I hope I will break the world records. I want to be the best swimmer in the world”. 

Ryan Murphy, American Swimmer

Guess what just happened to Ryan Murphy this year….


Something does happen, when you set goals!

Okay, so you think this is a fluke, and it might not really work for you? Or that you’ve set goals in the past and nothing happened? I get your apprehension, but I implore you to give goal setting a serious try, or another try as the case maybe. What a set goal does for you is that it opens your eyes to opportunities to make that goal a reality that you might have missed if you didn’t set that intention; it makes decision making so easy for you, amongst other things…I will get into more of this in subsequent posts. You know how when you say I’ll like to buy this car, every other car that drives past you or in front of you suddenly becomes that car? What happens is that your intention to own that car suddenly brings that car into your consciousness and you start to see it everywhere. This is happening to me now! Hahahaha…

Now, let’s get real….

There could have been certain curved balls thrown at you unexpectedly already this year, but that doesn’t count as an excuse to hands off and watch the rest of the year go south. It’s your life, your career, your family, your story. 

As for me and my house, we shall be ending 2016 on a happier, healthier and more prosperous note. We have set that intention, and we will continue to take one baby step, after another to move in that direction. So, help us God!

Keep this in mind always, what your year will be, it is now becoming….

What YOU will be at the end of 2016…(you guessed right), you are now becoming… Whether leaner or fatter, richer or poorer, better or worse….you are now becoming…

{I kinda fell in love with the word ‘becoming’, lol}

Be intentional. Put pen to paper. And it gets clearer and clearer from there.

You have the power to shape who you become. You can choose to do what you can, to create the life that you want.

Hope you take action today!



  1. Peju A says:

    This post came just in time. I look forward to refreshing my goals as we go into the fall season! Great post Adenike!

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