365 Days Reloaded: Be Deliberate This Year.

24 hours make one day, 7 days make one week, 4 weeks make one month……….365 days make one year! If you schooled here in naija, I can bet you learnt this by heart in primary school [insert sing-song recitation]. But we do seem to forget as adults that days actually make up years! So, with 8 days already gone in 2015 what’s your take? Is it going to be a happy year after all? Will all those lofty goals be met? Will you finally lose weight? Will you eventually advance in your career or business? Will you finally build that house or walk down the aisle with Mr. /Mrs. Right? What has changed about the way you spend your days that will magically change the way this year turns out?

Food for thought.

It’s January again – that time of year when we are all motivated to set new goals, recommit to old ones, make resolutions, declutter our lives. If only the ‘ginger’ could last past March! Lol…So for me I’m keeping it simple. I intend to anchor the whole of my 2015 on two words: ‘Be Deliberate’. 

The real key to attaining significance lies in being deliberate about the things you do, as well as the things you do not do. It’s really that simple. Take a moment to think about all the things you want to achieve in the various aspects of your life: Career/ Business, Finances, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Walk with God. Set clear goals [story for another day!], and pursue them deliberately.

Whatever you do in 2015, Be Deliberate. Being deliberate means to do things on purpose. To make decisions or take actions with a particular end in mind. To exercise your power to choose. To choose knowing why. Be deliberate in 2015.

A lot of us follow mindless routines without pausing to ask if these routines are leading us where we want to go. Because, they are surely leading you somewhere; whether you acknowledge it or not. Just pause and think.

For example, if you intend to lose ‘so much’ weight this year (since many of us want to lose weight anyway). Then you need to be deliberate about the foods that you put in your mouth. Don’t mindlessly buy bread for tomorrow’s breakfast, then have a mountain heap of jollof rice+dodo+coke for lunch at work, then quickly whip up eba when you get home! You will never achieve your weight loss goal that way. Many more examples abound in your career, spirituality, relationships. The only way to change the output this year is simply to change the input. The fact that the calendar now reads 2015 means nothing if you change nothing. Just pause and think.

It takes an awareness of your goals and how everything you do or don’t do impact them. It also takes having the presence of mind to constantly remind yourself. But it can be done. Act on purpose. Be deliberate this year!

So, the question is: What are you going to be deliberate about in 2015?


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