7 Things Your Boss Wants You To Know

Except you are in business for yourself, the odds are that you report to someone at work. Here are a few things that someone will like you to know. And if you happen to be the ‘someone’ you may forward this to your subordinates, just so you know that they know….

1. Your no. 1 job is to make him shine! You should have absolutely no qualms about helping your boss look good. In fact this is the summary of your job description – ‘to help your boss and your company shine’. So, help him meet his targets, help her deliver on a tough timeline, help him feel better prepared for a meeting, opt to take some tedious tasks off her. Make him look good, and he will make you feel good. It’s an unspoken rule in the work place.

2. Effort counts for nothing, result is King. This was one of the first few lessons I learnt as a management consultant. It absolutely makes no sense telling your boss about how you stayed up all night, when the deliverable is still not done. That will just be classified as ‘stories that touch’, and will surely land in your appraisal. There is really no value in having been out all week, when you made no sale. You must focus on Results! Results! Results!; and if for some plausible reason your efforts haven’t yielded the desired results, you must put a positive spin on that by making your lessons learnt really clear, as well as restating your commitment to the intended results. Na result be the koko o!

3. The manager needs managing. Oh yes, the manager has to be managed, and this calls for emotional intelligence. Know the kind of person you are dealing with, and make the most of that knowledge. If you have a manager who likes to rely heavily on data, don’t go presenting an idea that is founded on gut feel to him, without first finding a way to substantiate it. He will just think you are mad! Lol….

4. Don’t brag about your skills. We know you are smart, that’s why we hired you. Duuh!! Don’t let your smartness become a pain in the behind by constantly referring to how good you are, or how not so good someone else is. Let your work speak for you. If you happen to do something better than your boss, and he constantly calls you to do that thing for him, that doesn’t suddenly make you the boss. Know your place.

5. Make more with less. Oh yes, he thinks you are a magician! Making more with less begins with managing your time well. Show up on time, and make every second count. It also means stretching company resources to get the most value from them. Whether it’s money, knowledge assets, machines, time or whatever else. To make more with less, you also have to absolutely do it right the first time, and by so doing you will surely save time and money. Another way to make more with less is to recognise an area of waste and move to change that. This will come easy if you choose to take ownership, don’t think of it as company resources, feel it like the owner would.

6. Mind your language. There are quite a number of things you should frankly never say to your boss: No, I don’t know, It wasn’t me, That’s not my job, I don’t have the time, I didn’t know it was a problem. You will do well to replace these with: Yes, I can figure that out, I will do it, I have a solution, I already thought about that. Using those first set of words all the time can quickly earn you a reputation as an unserious loafer; and the other set? You guessed right, you will be the proactive, out of the box thinker. The choice is all yours.

7. Let her be your boss.  A cordial relationship is great with your boss, but don’t overdo it. He/ she doesn’t need to know every single thing going on in your life in excruciating detail. Your boss is not your buddy. Bosses are in a unique position and that warrants thoughtful and respectful interaction. Whining about happenings in your life or difficulties with customers or the job just doesn’t cut it.  Everything you do and say contributes to his perception of you, and may be the reason you get recommended or passed up for a promotion.

I will like to hear what you think about these 7 things, and if there is anything else you will like to add.

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Hearty cheers!!!


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