A Tale of Five Frogs…

There’s an old riddle that goes this way:  

“Five frogs are sitting on a log. One decides to jump off. How many are left?”

Did you answer that?

Pause and answer it!





The answer is five.

Well because to decide is one thing, to do is another. That frog could very well remain on the log for another couple of months trying to figure out the best ‘strategy’ to jump that will guarantee successful landing. Maybe even waiting for the others who are yet to decide to validate that it is okay to jump. 

Many times we’re like that frog, and we don’t even know it. We come up with a fantastic idea, decide we’re finally tired of where we are at the moment, set goals. Then we sit pretty. Go with the flow. Do nothing about our goals.

Don’t be like the proverbial frog that decided to jump but didn’t. Don’t over analyse things. Take it from the simplest angle and jump.

In Project Management, we speak of Progressive Elaboration meaning that it gets clearer as you go along. It’s hardly ever the case that you know everything you need to know at the beginning of any endeavour. But that shouldn’t deter you in any way. Just pull together all the available details into an initial plan, and step out, a.k.a JUMP!

Clarity ONLY comes from engagement.

2017 is inching forward.

Don’t wait for the perfect time.

It will be progressively elaborated.


Hope you take action today!


  1. Adenike says:

    Thanks for stopping by Caroline. I’m glad you found this helpful. You are welcome to share any of my posts, please!

  2. Ayoade says:

    Well done. Some of us have plans only to find the same or similar plans being put into use by another person while we delay. A beautiful and workable plan without a start point is as useless as not planning at all.

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