A word for 2016!

Hope you had as much fun and laughter as your heart could hold over the Christmas/ New Year holidays, and you are gradually settling into the NEW Year!

If you haven’t noticed, let me announce to you that time didn’t stop while all the holiday fun was going on. Not to burst your bubble, but 2016 is already in motion. It’s day 5 already! And you will soon start to hear that this month was really fast ooo! Lol…

As you already know, whether 2016 turns out to be all you want it to be or not would depend on the choices you make every day, the actions you take every day. Day-in….and day-out.  I know that sounds cliché, but it doesn’t make it less valid.

This time last year I wrote a beautiful post about some direction for 2015, and my anchor ‘phrase’ for that year was simply: “Be Deliberate”. Being deliberate helped me achieve so much, and also to be at peace with myself when I inevitably had to say no to things that were nice to have or do, just because……PRIORITIES. It helped my ever shifting focus find an anchor.

And so, since this worked so well last year, it’s my golden nugget for this year. Especially since resolutions seem to always go south anyways!!…Lol! So, my advice is that you find a word or phrase that you want to make your focus for the entire year, make a bold print of it and keep it somewhere you can see it very often. For instance, if you had so much strife to deal with last year and you want to be done with all that your anchor could be ‘PURSUE PEACE ALWAYS’; if you were overwhelmed by demands from other people and you would like to make more time for yourself, it could be: ‘ME FIRST’. Or if you need to form new habits or curb sabotaging ones: ‘DISCIPLINE’ ……or ‘FINISHED PROJECTS’……..and the list is endless.

I have already decided on my word (or phrase…..oops sentence!! lol) for 2016, and I hope it inspires you to find yours. Of course you can also adopt mine if it speaks to you. This anchor word would help you create your year more deliberately by guiding your everyday choices. If you keep it close to your consciousness that is. Whatever you decide, 2016 will also roll by as surely as 2015 did. Got that?

This year my anchor is……WORK SMARTER, WORK HARDER.

This literally jumped at me form an article I read sometime last week. I read it, and screamed YES! YES! Next Year?? Amma work smarter, and amma work harder….lol…{Insert a smirk on the face, and head tilted sideways}.

Somehow, with the advent of technology, working smarter has sort of become the cool thing, not working harder. People use those phrases as if they are mutually exclusive, but the not so good news is that they’re not. If you really want amazing, awe-inspiring results this year, you have to marry both: WORK SMARTER, annd WORK HARDER!

So, there you  have my golden nugget for a splendid year ahead — As you reflect on 2015, and make plans for 2016, pick an anchor word for the year, and don’t forget to make a bold print of it and keep it in view. 2016 can be better, but be sure to know that so much work and creativity is going to be involved. You need to work smarter and be creative with your time in order to get more done, and you need to work harder at your goals than anyone else you know. Get clarity on your goals (more on this later), and pursue every opportunity with urgency…… like everything depends on it….. just because… little drops make an Ocean, and every success you record spurs you to go for more. In order words, everything does depend on that opportunity! Let people call you mad, I assure you it’s a compliment!!

May this NEW Year usher in fulfilled dreams, maximized potentials, unbridled joy and limitless abundance! Cheers to an awe-inspiring 2016, and especially to YOU!

N.B: I’ll like to learn what comes to mind as your anchor word for 2016, please share in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this post with your network.

Hugs & Kisses!


  1. Peju Akintorin says:

    I always love reading you blog. Excellent article, beautifully written. Funny enough I actually coined a phrase for myself this year too. It’s “stepping out boldly”.

  2. Osen says:

    Loved reading your recent articles and just subscribed. My key word for this year is “COMMITMENT”.

    In 2016, I’m committed to sticking to it in all areas of my life.

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