Adenike on Bellanaija: Lessons from My Encounter with Pain and No Pain

I confess.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with lethargy and so-so-ness (is that even a word?, lol).

I can’t seem to focus on anything but sleep and play.  My family seems quite happy about it though. It’s a welcome development, considering I am just coming out of my not so interesting encounter with pain! But my Q2 goals are already amber (may be delayed)….on the way to red (off-track)! So, I made a mental note to get up early today….

And I was supposed to post yesterday, but I had nothing to post. I missed hooking up with my next Ultrapreneur in time to post it, and hadn’t prepared anything else….

Ok! I don’t mean to whine, just sharing the human side of this super blogger. Lol…

I realise I have something quite loaded to share with you though! I made my debut on bellanaija! Did I hear you say Hallelujah?! Hehehehe….. I wrote all about what I learned from my encounter with pain…and no pain! 

In case you haven’t seen or read it, you can find it here: 

I look forward to reading your comments on the post!

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Love ya plenty!






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