All is well….


Yesterday, I was going through instagram, and I found all sorts of interesting and inspirational photos and captions. The usual.

I will normally concur, like, maybe even share – at least the ones that catch my fancy. But most of them just seemed to rub me off wrongly this time. One read: “Don’t let anyone steal your dream”, the very next one read “Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time criticising others”.

Nice, but how about when what’s threatening to steal that dream is not a physical ‘anyone’, how about when people are facing something so tough that they are in fact unable to dream or improve themselves…health issues, seemingly hopeless financial situations, unforeseen changes/ circumstances, unmet expectations, depression?

It’s been a tough week.

If you’ve been having a tough week like me, or even a tough year so far. I have a great antidote to share with you today.

Here goes:

Put your right hand on the left side of your chest (where your heart is), and say out loud “All is well!”. Repeat it as many times as you need to, and more importantly, believe it!

“No matter how big the problem, just tell your heart: “All is well!”  Does this solve the problem? No! But you gain the courage to face it…”

As the saying goes a confused mind does nothing. Don’t give yourself over to fear and confusion. Say to yourself and anyone else who cares to listen that “All is well!” You don’t need a pity party, what you need is a solution. 

If you constantly say to yourself all is well, give it over to God in prayer, and engage your mind clearly, a way is bound to show up.

I found an interesting bible story to illustrate this point. And you can find it in 2 Kings 4: 8 – 36. It’s about the shunamite woman. She was so good to Prophet Elisha, that the prophet rewarded her with a son as she was barren, only for the boy to die!

Come and see action! She didn’t even bother telling her husband (she probably already knew the kind of response she’ll get from him). She focused on one thing – get me to the Prophet who gave me this son. And she had only one answer for anyone who asked her about her situation: “All is well!”

Guess what?! It ends in praise. All was well indeed. Her son was brought back to life. Her joy was full again. So, if you have a problem with anything in your life – your health, your job, your family, whatever. Take it back to the one who gave you that life, and that thing in the first place. Focus on His promises and His solution will show up.

If you take nothing from this short piece, take away the phrase “All is well!”. Let it be your song, inundate your heart with it, and it will become your reality.

Between, have you watched the indian movie ‘Three Idiots’? I saw it again last Sunday. Perfect timing. I have in fact dreamt about those singing scenes several times this week, and I was singing along, screaming “Aaaaal iizzzz wellll!!!” Hahahaha!

All is well

Hope you believe today!

This post is inspired by The Movie – Three Idiots. 

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