Are you a learner?

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” – Abraham Lincoln

So my question to you today is ‘are you a learner?’

Just writing this reminds me of one of the earlier hits of Olamide Baddohsneh…..You don’t know Olamide? I’ll forgive you if you’re not Nigerian, otherwise you must be very ‘old-skool’, maybe you know Kolington Ayinla instead. Hahahaha…

Okay, lemme be kind and remind you…..Remember that Olamide’s song that starts with ‘First of all…’

As great as the beats of that song is, one thing stands out. It tends to shame ‘learning’. In the song, the question is asked over and over again: ‘are you a learner?’ with the premise that you shouldn’t be caught being a ‘learner’.

This is such a dangerous mindset that has silently infiltrated into this generation. Everyone arrives on the scene an expert. No one wants to acknowledge being a ‘learner’.

But, you know what? I’m a proud learner. I’m deliberate about what I want to learn per time. I’m deliberate about who I want to learn it from. I make out time to continue to learn and grow.

Yes…time again! If you shave off some of the time you spend on Facebook and Instagram, believe me you can easily make a one-hour margin every day, or even two. You don’t spend time on those? My bad! Okay, shave off some of the time you spend in mindless, not-too-useful gisting, or even sleeping….{insert *side-eye*}. This saying rings true yet again…


To become the best version of ourselves, we must make a deliberate commitment towards becoming lifelong learners. Every situation or circumstance in your life is an opportunity to learn something, don’t lose the opportunity…


All learning doesn’t have to be structured, because life itself is constantly teaching. However, some level of structured learning is great for obvious reasons – it can be scheduled, and it’s measurable. So, let’s do this. Why don’t you tell me what you’re planning to learn over the next 30 days? If you didn’t have one before, you can think of one now.

{Hint: A skill that you’ve received feedback about over and over again, like writing or presentation; a skill that would help you spin off another stream of income like website development, hair dressing, make-up; something to address a weakness you’ve been trying to overcome, like learning to save and invest; a skill that would help your business grow….networking, elevator pitch, selling, leveraging social media…..there must be something you need to learn}.

Hit reply or leave me a comment. Either one works.

Whatever you choose to learn, act on it today. Order a book, find an online course, phone a friend, register for apprenticeship. Take action today!

Hearty Cheers!


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