Are you doing the hard stuff?

How goes it in you side of town?

I put up a post on my Instagram handle a couple of days ago that has continued to linger on in my mind.

And it’s about choosing to do the hard stuff.

You see when I was growing up, my mum had this Yoruba proverb she repeated ever so often, and it goes: “te te jiya, ko ma ba jiya mo…” Literally translated as “suffer quickly so you won’t have to suffer again”.

Now, this was never about literal suffering, but rather to encourage us that we  always have a choice to do the hard things before we really have no choice than to do the harder things. Let that sink in….

Key word being CHOICE!

For example, studying for an exam might seem hard, exercising regularly and eating within healthy limits might seem hard, saving for later might seem hard, cutting your losses and moving on from that bad relationship or business decision might seem hard, letting that bad staff who you have now become sort of dependent on might seem hard. Heck, following the law of God for every aspect of our lives might just seem too hard. But guess what? The consequences are likely to be much harder to deal with.

So, here’s my charge for today: “te te jiya, ko ma ba jiya mo”, translated more contemporarily as “do the hard stuff, before you have no other choice than to do the harder stuff” in other words choose your hard wisely, there’s no escaping some of those ‘hard stuffs’.

Are you doing the hard stuff?

Action Challenge: Make a list of all the ‘hard stuffs’ you know you should have done or should be doing this year…then write down how you intend to take them on….and theeen take them on!

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