Are you giving up too soon?

A few weeks ago, I learnt an important lesson on what it means to give up too soon.

My darling 3 year old had been day potty trained since she was one year plus. An admirable feat. At one point she was really annoyed when we tried to put a diaper on her at night. She’d cry and flail her legs, resisting it with all her might. She wanted to be a big girl. But we’ll put it on her anyway, thinking she just couldnt be ready for night potty training yet.  (Or more like I was busy at the time and didn’t want to worry about waking up several times to take her to the potty, my bad!).

But as she approached 3 I became uncomfortable with her still in pull ups at night and soaking it through every night. Then I stopped buying diapers abruptly. It’s now or never. I didn’t want her still in pull ups much longer. 

Within a week I was beyond frustrated. I wake her up to pee, and she throws a fit, like ‘why on earth are you disturbing my sleep?’. Like ‘seriously?’ Lol…. She’d refuse to pee and go back to sleep. An avalanche of pee was an understatement…. Every night. Night after night.

Then I decided she wasn’t just ready, I’ll just buy pull ups and give it more time. So, I had this discussion with DH, and he decided he’ll give it a try that night. He gave it a try and she co-operated. Hurray! Our first dry night! I still wasn’t convinced. The next day, I returned early from work, and was ready to drive to the supermarket to buy pull ups, and DH suggests to give it one more night. Hurray!! Our second dry night!


I didn’t miss the lesson there! This is completely mundane, but applies to everything.

Are you  giving up too early? …being too hard on yourself? …..judging too quickly? Are you getting the right counsel? Trying the right approaches? Getting the right help?

You never know how close you are, never give up on your dreams.

Be patient. All things are difficult, before they become easy….

Like learning a new language

Like potty training your toddler

Like building a business

Or changing the course of your career 

Like breaking a bad habit

Or building a good one

Like mending a broken relationship

Like regaining trust

Like learning a new skill

Or learning to commune with God

Very much like overcoming that personal mountain

All things. First are difficult. Then they are easy.

My darling 3 year old is still not completely there yet, but she taught me a vital lesson. Don’t give up too soon, you just might be on the brink of success!

Stay focused. Keep it moving. Get help. It’s darkest just before dawn. 

And it’s up to you.

Hearty Cheers!

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  1. Krossoh says:

    Absolutely, this is in sync with tipping point principle, a little wait might signal a total turnaround. it is important to stay the course and not give up.

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