If you don’t like starting over, quit stopping they say…

How goes it in your side of town?

To say I have missed writing these notes and sharing my thoughts with you is an understatement. I hope you have missed reading from me as much as I have missed writing to you.

After I sent my last mail, I decided to reevaluate what I was doing with the blog. My plan was to take a couple of weeks off , restrategise, and  generally redirect my efforts. So, the first one week, I tried not to think about the blog at all. Just be free, and then come back when I’m ready. Big mistake!

Getting back into the groove has been much more difficult than I envisaged! This morning I just had to do this to break the jinx. And of course, I have a lesson to share.

If you hate starting over and losing lost ground on any effort, no matter what that effort is, then my dear friends you have to summon all of your courage to quit stopping in the first place!

Again, it applies to everything – that weight loss regimen, your spanking new social media strategy, your efforts at revamping your relationship with your spouse, your efforts at decluttering your home, those baby steps towards becoming a part of new networks so you can open yourself to more opportunities, your efforts at spending more time with your children, everything and everything….Just quit stopping!

I have now experienced this for the umpteenth time, and have chosen to share my lessons with you. Coming to a complete halt never helps. Change strategy if you must, pull the plug on one thing and start another if you must, but  do your best not to come to a complete halt.

If you evaluated an idea or strategy and decided to pull the plug on it, you must immediately ask what next? How do you then achieve what you had intended to achieve with the initial idea or strategy? Do nothing is not a strategy, except of course where the initial objective is no longer relevant.

Hope this helps someone. Give yourself a challenge today, do something you know you ought to be doing but you sort of allowed to slide for a while and now getting back seems like such a tall order.

Write it down. Then do it.

Take charge of your life. Yes you can.

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