Find your why-power…

“I love the story of a salesman who looked out the window of the hotel restaurant at a blinding snowstorm. He asked his waiter: ‘Do you think the road will be clear enough in the morning to travel?’

The waiter replied: ‘Depends on if you are on salary or commission.'”

That’s an excerpt from a book I’m reading at the moment. And I totally love the story too.

What better illustration of the power of a strong ‘Why’? 

Why do you want to get in shape?

Why do you want to build wealth?

Why do you want that promotion?

Why do you want to publish that book?

Why do you want to learn a second language?

Why do you want to take that certification?

Why do you want your marriage to work?


The power to keep scaling obstacles, whatever they may be lies in the ‘Why’. The strength to keep tweaking, until the winning formula emerges lies in the ‘Why’. The grace to forgive 70 X 7 times, also lies in the ‘Why’.

Without a strong why, you are bound to give in after encountering a few obstacles. It’s not peculiar to you. It’s the natural course of things. 

However, your why-power will carry you, long after your will-power is dead and buried.

And if you have employees or work with teams, it’s the same. You can’t build a formidable team until you can get everyone to buy-in into the ‘Why’. Hopefully a strong enough why for everyone. Who wants to consider getting into a snowstorm when they’re on salary? You? 

That’s the power of why.

Find your why-power. Sell your why-power. Hold on to your why-power. And it will propel you to success.

Find your why-power today.

Hearty Cheers!

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