How to start planning (even when you don’t like planning…)



Some people are just natural at planning.

They like to plan everything ahead.

And then add a Plan B, and C subconsciously. Just in case! They do it without much ado.

I am one of them.

I think it’s because I really really don’t like surprises? Yeah, I know that sounds boring….Lol.

I remember once when DH planned a surprise birthday party for me. He actually had to throw some hints my way, so I’m not caught completely unawares. Lol…so much for a surprise birthday party! Guess he knows me too well!

Long and short of the story is, if I get the opportunity, I prefer to plan ahead. As much as is humanly possible.

But, I realize, this planning lifestyle doesn’t come as naturally for everyone. Some people are actually on the other extreme. They can’t get themselves to plan anything ahead. And I mean anything. They are nearly completely spontaneous. Their motto is ‘Que sera sera….whatever will be will be….the future’s not ours to see….que sera sera….’

Mostly, it simply boils down to personality rather than anything else. And one personality is not better than the other, as long as we all find a way to balance out what is needful.

And I dare say planning is needful.


Because if you can truly articulate what you want out of your life {insert finances, business, health, family, etc} at some point down the road {weeks, months, or year(s)}, and can figure out what you need to make it a reality, and go further to break it down into actionable baby steps, then you are bound to increase the probability of making it a reality by more than 50%.

I’ll take that chance and plan ahead.

Surely we all have ideas floating in our heads regarding what we want. Who doesn’t want more money, a happy family, progress in their career and the likes? But, big things hardly happen with vague ideas floating in your head somewhere. It usually takes a little more than that. You would do better with a specific representation of what you want, penned down. And you will have to constantly work at it. Never mind the fact that what you want may change along the way, what matters is that the exercise keeps you focused, keeps you accountable, and keeps you growing. So, if it changes, no big deal, change it.

Guess what? I hate to break it to you, but it’s that time of year again. 2016 is gradually coming to an end – the first month of the last quarter is nearly over – and plans for 2017 will soon be in top gear.

Truth be told though, even the natural planners amongst us still fail to properly harness the power of planning for the really important aspects of our lives. How much more, those who do not ‘like’ planning.

So, my job today is to keep it simple, especially for those who don’t really like planning.

Here’s what you can do to get started:

  1. Accept the fact that you need to plan: This is step number one. Get your mind aligned. It’s no secret. You will achieve much more with a plan than you would without one. So, do yourself a favor and accept this reality.
  2. Take baby steps: Now that you’ve accepted that you need to plan, get right into it. You can start to incorporate planning into your every day life by doing simple things like picking out what you will wear the next day at the end of each day; or planning out your meals for a full week if you’re keen on healthy eating; or working out exactly how much you want to spend (or can afford to spend) the rest of this month; you can also flip that and work out how much you want to save (I’m better with this one…spending is another matter, hehehehe). You get the drift? If you are an entrepreneur, a good one will be how much you still want to make before the end of this year, plus how you intend to make it. 

The point is to start small, pick whatever catches your fancy and plan it. TODAY! Especially if you are the completely spontaneous type. The more you exercise your planning muscles in simple things, the more you can cascade it to other aspects of your life. Nothing beats taking action if you want to learn a new skill or habit.

3. Work it: Even though planning in itself gives you clarity and helps you grow, a plan is only as good as your execution of it. So, if you want your plan to work, you gotta work it!

Hope you take action today!

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