Are you ignoring your most important stakeholder?

Hey Friend!

Did you read my last post?

Started experimenting yet?

I’d like to know if you did decide to start an experiment based on that post.

I have said this over and over again, and I think we all know it subconsciously: It’s not really what you know that changes your life, it’s what you do. There is an abundance of ideas thrown at us every day, but it won’t ever matter if we don’t pick out the ones that resonate with us and ‘do’ something with them.

Now, unto today’s matter.

In Project Management we speak of Stakeholders as people or organisations who have an interest in aspects of a certain project, or the outcome of the entire project.

They have something to gain, or to lose, so they care.

Now let me ask you this interesting question: Considering your life as a Project, who are your Stakeholders?


You really should give that a shot.

I have written a previous post about Stakeholders here.

Notice how you made that list and didn’t put yourself on it? Many people, certified Project Managers inclusive, make a long list of Stakeholders and not do not include themselves.

Yes, the Project Manager is a key stakeholder in the project he is managing. Sounds like a no-brainer now, right? But, a lot of people miss it still.

Same with you my dear friend, you are a key stakeholder in your own life. In fact, YOU my friend are the MOST IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDER in your own life. Duh?!!! Not so fast.

Women’s day drew my attention to how a lot of people especially women tend to be naturally selfless. They understand how extremely important it is to understand the needs of every one else and judge themselves by how well they attend to those needs. Everyone except themselves that is.

I find that even though this is very common with women, men can be very guilty too. In a different way. They pay so much attention to their career and businesses, hopefully there’s enough left after giving all their attention and emotions to their football team, *eyes rolling*. Where all the arsenal fans at?

Please, can you let me laugh a little…..hahahaha

Social media has been too mean to arsenal fans in recent times. If you are a fan, I really commiserate with you. But stay strong buddy, stay strong…

Okay, I’m back!

So, they pay so much attention to work, making money, gaining significance, and the likes, and ignore their very own self. For women it’s children, husband, home, work, and nothing left for self. 

The truth is many of us are guilty. Even the single ones amongst us are not left out.

You ignore your most important stakeholder a.k.a yourself when your body is screaming tired, but you refuse to listen up and rest

You ignore yourself when you feel sick but can’t make time to go to the hospital, you’ll rather take the quick short cut of self-medication

You ignore yourself when you refuse to let down and play

You ignore yourself when you eat junk and refuse to exercise

You ignore yourself when you think every other person’s opinion about your life and what you ought to be doing with it holds more significance than yours.

This ought to change. 

You have to stay alive to achieve your dreams, and support all your loved ones to achieve theirs as well, right? You also have to be healthy and happy to truly enjoy all your achievements. Right!

So here’s a challenge for you this weekend.

Turn the spotlight on you as a key stakeholder in a critical project (your life). Acknowledge your needs and interests, then incorporate these needs and interests as much as possible every day. Lastly, as with managing other Stakeholders, you must manage your own influence in ensuring this critical project is a success.

Don’t just do what you like, don’t just do what is convenient. Find out what is necessary for the journey set before you, and DO that.

Cheers to a selfish weekend!

N.B: Can someone please hand DH the memo? It’s all about me this weekend. *wink-wink*


  1. Micheal A says:

    Thank you Nike for this Eye Opener…truth is many of us have lost ourselves in trying to satisfy others so much that what we want doesn’t matter.

    Self realization and acknowledgement is very important, I believe, in achieving your dreams and goals.
    Put your self first, after God of course.

    By the way, I’m snitching on you to DH mainly because you made fun of Arsenal fans. :))

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