Keep Moving….Forward!

I welcomed February with mixed feelings.

Oh yes! One whole month is gone already and well, I’m officially behind on some of my goals. Whether my timelines for achieving those goals were realistic in the first place or not is a different ball game, but the fact is I’m officially behind.

It’s interesting how this same sequence of things tends to play out every year. You start the year with a lot of ‘ginger’, and then life happens and you settle in with the same ‘ol.

If this resonates with you, here’s your reminder to stir yourself up and make sure to keep moving. Yes, keep moving. In the direction of your dreams.

It’s a battle we’re in. And it’s a battle for a life of significance. If you want this year to count for something, it’s not too early to start to take stock and ‘re-ginger’ yourself.

Revisit your goals for the year. Already? Yes, please do. Now that the new year ginger has worn off, revisit your goals and make sure they’re truly SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). Also, re-calibrate timelines if needed. The new timelines should be such that you can truly commit to for the rest of the year. We really can’t keep changing the goal post now, can we? Lol… Of course not! And if you haven’t set goals at all. This is also your reminder to do so today as a matter of urgency.

Once you are all clear on the goals, the most important thing you must overcome is the distraction of seeking FULL CLARITY before you step out.

It’s a distraction.

Don’t expect to know everything when you haven’t even taken the first step. I learnt this the hard way. I had to be jolted back to reality when after clarity, I wanted more clarity. My friend, you are wasting precious time.

The only way to be truly clear about whether something would work or not is to enter the arena. You want to be sure if you would love a certain line of work – try it out as a volunteer, or intern. You want to be sure if your breakthrough Product will do well in the market – take it to the market. You want to be sure if that babe would be as exciting as you imagine – take her on a date (errrm, date o…and for singles only, lol). You get my drift…

You’d never get clear looking in from the outside. You must be in the middle of it, taste the sweat and blood. And then you will know – as a matter of fact.

One of my favorite Project Management terms is Progressive Elaboration. And it simply alludes to the fact that things get clearer as you go along. Look, you don’t need to know everything before you step out. You need to know where you’re headed, alright, but you don’t need every single detail of how to get there before you head out. As you put one foot in front of another, you can see further and go faster.

Remember when God called Abraham? He told him to set out and go to a land ‘I will show you’. God had painted a picture for him on what to expect in that land, but he had no idea how he would get there when he stepped out. He had to find out on the move.

It will get clearer as you keep moving forward…

Take charge of your life. Yes, you can!

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