When the day ends, the year ends, we finally retire, we grow old, the children leave home, memories are what we’ll be left with.

Creating great memories is such an important part of living meaningfully. Great memories with family, friends, even alone often becomes a wealth of warmth and wisdom.

So, what great memories will you create this year?

What interesting things will you do?

What moves will you make?

What new places will you visit?

Go some place you’ve never been before (in-country or nah?); throw a party for your family and friends  or attend one (most people don’t need such a serious reason to come eat and play); get together and sing aloud with strangers (maybe in a Karaoke bar); attend events addressing topics of interest to you (so you can meet new people and rub minds) – there’s an abundance of events in Lagos now, maybe Abuja too; try a new hobby; make mistakes; create memories…

Don’t go through this year same ‘ol ‘triangular’ you. You’d emerge on the other side as same ‘ol ‘triangular’ you…. Remember those people we called ‘triangular students’ in the University? They go from Class to Fellowship to Hostel, and back to Class. No detours at all. Yes, that’s what I mean….lol.

Sometimes, there’s much more to learn on the detours of life than on the clearly defined cut out paths. We’ve all prayed 2017 must be our best year yet o! If it must be different, you must do something different….

For some people creating memories will happen naturally because of their personality and the kind of accesses they’re privileged to have. For others, it will take a bit of planning. But we all can create beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Switch it up and place a higher value on experiences than on things and stuff (clothes, shoes, bags, etc), and see how it shapes your perspectives, tunes up your relationships, and generally enriches your life.

Give yourself a gift of beautiful memories this year. And you can surely do it without breaking the bank.

As you read this, I am creating memories in Nairobi with DH (who actually came to work, **rolling eyes**). Just because…

Don’t wait till you have more money or more time.

Create with what you have in your hands. Life is happening now. Live it now.

Hearty Cheers!

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