My 2016 Bucket List.

Ever heard of the term ‘Bucket List’? Just in case you haven’t, it’s simply a list of experiences a person hopes to have, or achievements a person hopes to accomplish during their lifetime (or during a specified time period like I have done here). It’s similar to goal setting or to-do lists, but different because it alludes to things you really want to do before you die (hopefully gray-haired and full of age). So, it should be things you would be proud to show off and sometimes once in a life time experiences, or things that make you push the limits. But really, it can be anything.

So here is a list of 10 things I’ll really like to do before 2016 is over:

1. Grow the impact of my blog.

This is absolutely important to me this year. There’s really no point winking in the dark, if I am going to be winking, I might as well shine some light on myself so I can get seen. My goal is to grow subscribership by about 500 to 1,000. Oh, yes it’s soo doable…(huh?! trying to psyche myself up….Lol)….and of course I need your help to share like it’s going out of fashion.  If you haven’t signed up too, now is a good time. There is a sign-up form in the side bar. Or at the end of this post (after the comments box), if you are using your mobile.

sign up2

2. Get lean and strong.

Last year, I lost about 13kgs of weight and I’m loving it. Anyone who hasn’t seen me for a while literally screams ‘You’ve lost weight!!’. And  I quietly nod and smile. Aint nobody flaunting orobo these days. Lol….Sooo, this year, I’m taking it a step higher and getting lean….

Lean 2

         Chaaaiii!!! There is work ooo…

3. Learn a strategy game.

What immediately comes to mind is chess, and yes I mean chess. I know that strategy games have the capacity to expand your mind and refine your thinking processes, hence this choice…I need a partner for this, but I already have one, right? Hellooo Darling Husband (DH)!!


“A strategy game or strategic game is a game (e.g. video or board game) in which the players’ uncoerced, and often autonomous decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome. Almost all strategy games require internal decision tree style thinking, and typically very high situational awareness” (wikipedia). Care to join me?

4. Invest in personal development.

Absolutely yes! When I say invest, I mean ‘Pay Cash’ and ‘Spend Time’ developing myself. There is so much I want to attract into my life this year, but I must first become the kind of person who can both attract and handle those things. I’ve already paid for and engaged in 2 personal development related things this month. So, I’m on fleek with this one.

old ways3

5. Get a complete makeover.

Hmmn hmmn!! I’m not going to say anything on this one, you shall see the revelation very soon! **wink**


6. Travel.

Well, I’m kinda scratching my head on this one right now, as exchange rate is not smiling at all, and doesn’t look like it will be smiling for some time to come. But our God is almighty!!!…And again, who says it has to involve foreign exchange sef?? Exposing yourself to new scenes, new cultures and new ideas/ innovations is one of the most effective ways to jump start or sustain your creativity, so I gotta gerrarahere mehn ….


7. Get featured in the media.

I’m a very private person, but if you have a message to share, you might as well make it as impactful as possible, right? Right! I am now accepting invitations to speak, and write feature articles. Lol…. Thanks.


8. Read at least 5 classics.

‘And there is nothing new under the sun’….Yeah, there seem to be a few new things here and there, but look closely and most times we are just rehashing and refining what we’ve always known. So, I’ve decided to go back to the basics. Here’s what I already have on my list:

                      carnegie2seven habits80_20

*Biko, I need recommendations for 2 more…

9. Read the biographies of two great leaders.

Still reading dammit! I think biographies are a great window into the lives of these great (that’s the third time on this line…pheww!!) Anyway, they are a great window…


10. Support a cause for Education.

I believe education is such a priceless key success factor for every individual that I want to finally do something to support it. I have picked my cause already, and they shall be getting my first check (well, online transfer) this month. I’m excited. I shall soon officially be a philanthropist!! Lol…


And one more for the road…

11. Give all the love in my heart…………awwwww! 

Oh yes! Love conquers all….and ultimately love begets love…I plan to love biiiig this year!


So help me God!!! I shall be reporting on this by year end…And now it’s your turn, if you were to make a bucket list for 2016, what are the two things you’ll absolutely put in there?

See those buttons down there? They’re to help you share this with your network! Sharing is caring, help someone think about what they’ll like to achieve in 2016 as well.



  1. Mabogunje Oluwaseun says:

    Thank you Anty Nike for this. It’s really inspiring. I have not met you personally but your husband.

    I am actually more interested about in the weight loss. Could you be my coach please?

    Thank you.


  2. Segun Ogunleye says:

    Great Read!

    Now I am inspired to create and activate my own Basket List! (Bucket appear too small)

  3. Adenike Jemiyo says:

    Hi Seun, thanks for dropping this note. I actually joined a group towards the end of last year, and it proved priceless. I can give you details if interested.

  4. kayode okunola says:

    Many thanks Nike. You really gave us a push. I promise to write mine and forward you a copy soonest.

  5. Tomie says:

    On recommendations for 2 more classic books….When Top business coach was asked the three books he would consider the most important books to read, he mentioned, ‘As a man thinketh’ by John Allen, ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Victor Frankel and the Bible.

    I have read ‘As a man thinketh’…and i think it’s awesome. A classic book intend to introduce to my kids too.

  6. Adenike Jemiyo says:

    Good choices, Tomi! I’ve read As a man thinketh, but aint nothing wrong with reading it again! I’ll look for man’s search for meaning…. Thanks a million! .;)

  7. Ibrahim says:

    First off, I’d recommend an article from the New Yorker called “In Praise of Third Place”


    How Will You Measure Your Life – Clayton Christensen
    The Long Tail – Chris Anderson
    Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell
    Prayer – Timothy J. Keller
    Nintendo Magic – Osamu Inoue
    The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company – David A. Price
    Blue Ocean Strategy – Renée Mauborgne & W. Chan Kim

  8. Adenike Jemiyo says:

    Thanks so much Ibrahim! Awesome article @In praise of third place. Then all the other choices are great too. I’ve read ‘How will you measure your life’. In fact I plan to read it every year. I’ve also read outliers and some portions of blue ocean strategy. I can see you’ve fallen in love with Nintendo…lol. I’ll surely check out the rest. Thanks for stopping by!

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