It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when…

Hey Super Go-getter,

What’s your dominant thought regarding your aspirations? Do you find yourself most times wondering about ‘if’ or ‘when’? 

Don’t even question whether you have any aspirations at this moment or not. Trust me when I say you have them, whether they’ve been clearly articulated or not. Whether you acknowledge them consciously or they’re just playing in your subconscious mind. But, that’s not the story.

I’ve been in Dubai this whole week visiting with DH who’s been here for work.

This was supposed to be purely a getaway, let’s catch up kind of trip, since he’s been travelling a lot. No shopping. Only rest and a few of those tourist type things….But errrm, we all know how that story goes. Lol…Please don’t ask me how.

As part of this trip I joined one of  the classes for a tour of Dubai. I mean! I’ve been here before but this place never ceases to amaze me. Such an architectural master piece on every level. Every other building has something unique about it. It’s tall, it’s round, it’s square, it’s gold plated, it’s suspended, it’s revolving, sometimes even awkward. This city decided they wanted to beautify a certain road and then what did they do? They lifted the road up (created a bridge on an existing road), brought in water from the sea, and voila! This didn’t exist two years ago, I hear.

We drove past a couple of toll points and there was no plaza, no barriers. Nobody to collect the toll and make sure you pay. As a naija babe who has to deal with Admiralty plaza (Lekki toll point in Lagos) every now and again, this was the eighth wonder of the world!

Much of the drive round town, my brain was in overdrive. This is someone’s imagination o, I kept saying to myself. This was all imagined by mere mortals like me, and then brought to life!

For me the lesson is simple. Single minded focus. Imagine the Project Manager on any of these projects starting out, and then starts to constantly doubt whether or not it will pan out. Maybe builds the Burj Khalifa half way (tallest building in the world), and starts to wonder what’s the use sef. Abandons it, and then goes to start another grand project, only to get plagued by a barage of ‘ifs’. Your guess is as good as mine…

You see once you’ve made up your mind on something – a course for your life, your business, any project. Asking ‘if’ should only help you answer ‘how’ and ‘when’. And this should be done quickly and early. Answer all the ifs early and quickly, then move on and only be concerned with ‘how’ and ‘when’.

When do I finally get to proudly use my PMP (or whatever else) title? How?
When do I hold that promise in my hand? How?
When do I get to walk into that home for the first time? How?
When do I ‘succeed’? How?
When do I set myself free by living fully for God and humanity? How?

When you make up your mind on anything and stay the course. Trust me, it’s never again a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when.

I have proof. Dubai is proof.

Now answer my earlier question. Are you constantly thinking/ asking ‘if’ or ‘when’?

Take charge of your life. Yes you can!


  1. Gbemi Owode says:

    Wow. This is the most powerful message I’ve ever read in my entire life. I need to go back and read again and even post it. Such a powerful read. Thank you so much ma’am. This changed my life. I always loose track halfway. Need to print and paste this all over my room and refrigerator. Thank you so much. My love to your beautiful family. So blessed.

  2. charles says:

    Thanks four your piece. i am really encouraged by your articles. keep the flag flying.
    My regards to our Oga Deji. he was really instrumental to getting my PMP.


  3. Yinka says:

    Hi Nike, I have been a silent reader of your writeups for a while and I have to admit you do a pretty good job. We all have our if and when questions, infact as humans I believe the ifs and whens are a part our lives because we are always aspiring to greater things; either taking a career leap or making that bold step. Every decision comes with its own peculiarities and risks which has to be properly managed.

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