End of year review for the goal diggers

Sigh! I know you reckon. You’ve been busy too, right? In fact you’ve been busy most of 2017. The question though is have you been busy achieving your goals?

If you work in a corporate organisation, of course it’s appraisal season, where all employees get appraised against performance objectives/ goals that were set at the beginning of the year. And in effect appraise how the company has faired in terms of it’s corporate objectives for the year.

This is also a very useful personal exercise, whether you’re a part of that sort of system or not.

Let’s get into it.

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The Last Mile

How do you get inspiration for your work?

It’s amazing how the topics for these blog posts tend to come to me. I’m seriously beginning to consider writing for a living you know. … 🙂

Over the last couple of days I’ve been subconsciously thinking of what to write today, and nothing seemed like ‘it’. Then, as I sat quietly at my table working yesterday, ‘the last mile’ dropped in my spirit. How apt!

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As you were….

Image Credit: Google Images

“‘As you were'” is a standard military command. It means, literally, ‘[return] to your previous posture’. Soldiers must snap to a formal ‘attention’ position when an officer enters their presence, and the officer issues this command to indicate they may resume their prior activities. The order is also used figuratively to command troops to moderate a temporary excitement. A poster on Urban Dictionary wittily describes the command as ‘The reset button of life.'”

The reset button of life!

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The Little Things….

Can you believe it’s FriYAY already? Oh yes, it is! Yaaaaay! Lol…

There’s this MTN radio advert that instantly sets me in a great mood every morning. It immediately makes me pause, look up, look around, and smile.

Here’s how it goes:

“Life is more beautiful when you allow yourself to appreciate the little things….ahn ahn… the simple things ahn ahn….Every day is more complete when you allow yourself to appreciate…the little things ahn ahn….the simple things ahn ahn….”

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It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when…

Hey Super Go-getter,

What’s your dominant thought regarding your aspirations? Do you find yourself most times wondering about ‘if’ or ‘when’? 

Don’t even question whether you have any aspirations at this moment or not. Trust me when I say you have them, whether they’ve been clearly articulated or not. Whether you acknowledge them consciously or they’re just playing in your subconscious mind. But, that’s not the story.

I’ve been in Dubai this whole week visiting with DH who’s been here for work.

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