Stop saying NO to yourself

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Hey Friends!

I didn’t write here last week, and I almost felt like something was wrong. Lol.

Though I had decided I wasn’t going to write, I kept asking DH ‘Is today Friday?’ Lol. Talk about the power of habits.

I have only written consistently every Friday for about four months, and not only do I naturally enter that writing zone when it’s Thursday/ Friday morning; it has also helped me better my writing skills.

Lessons Learned: If there’s any skill you find important to your craft or to the lifestyle you crave but still kind of struggle with, don’t ever give up on it – schedule it instead. You heard me, Schedule It!

Practice they say makes better or permanent if you like. Notice I avoided perfect. That’s because if you keep practicing the wrong thing, guess what, you master the wrong thing. That’s not necessarily perfect.

But that’s story for another day. I digress.

My topic today is ‘Stop saying NO to yourself’.

I put up this post on Instagram yesterday, and I know not many of my readers here don’t follow me on Instagram (of which I’m wondering why, what are you waiting for?), so I decided to share here as well.

Here you go……

You miss 100% of the shots you refuse to take. It’s true!

The fear of failure is real! And many times can be a stronger force than the lure of success. At least for me it used to be.

You don’t want to look stupid. You don’t want to fail. You want to preserve your streak of successes (me!)….Or stem your streak of failures….

So you don’t apply, you don’t compete, you don’t ask, you don’t try, you don’t push… 

You’re just cool in your corner, romancing the devil you know…at least if you do nothing, you fail at nothing, and can’t be embarrassed ‘unnecessarily’.

It’s time to snap out of that friend.

Remember every story has two sides.  The other side of this story is that you also succeed at nothing….nothing significant.

One of my classmates on the Lagos Business School MBA program had this  mantra ‘you can’t say no to yourself now’, ‘don’t worry about it, let’s try first’.

It has stuck with me, and I have also started preaching that sermon. Not sure they’ll say yes? try….Not sure if you qualify? Ask…Not quite certain if your lack of a certain  requirement could be overlooked since you have plenty other things to compensate? Again ask. Not sure if anyone would invest in that idea that’s keeping you up all night? Tidy it up and ask.

Stop saying No to yourself.

Hope you found this useful, and hope you #SayYes today!

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Hearty Cheers!


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