The Last Mile

How do you get inspiration for your work?

It’s amazing how the topics for these blog posts tend to come to me. I’m seriously beginning to consider writing for a living you know. … 🙂

Over the last couple of days I’ve been subconsciously thinking of what to write today, and nothing seemed like ‘it’. Then, as I sat quietly at my table working yesterday, ‘the last mile’ dropped in my spirit. How apt!

Now, I work in telecommunications and the last mile is such an interesting concept. It is the final connectivity leg between the telecoms service provider and an individual customer. It’s used to offer high-tech, high-speed, high-bandwidth services to individual homes or offices. This is different from mobile, but I don’t want to bore you with any more details.  Lol.

I have sometimes watched my colleagues responsible for fulfilling enterprise sales scramble for a last mile supplier to help make this happen (sometimes, lol). Simply because, no last mile, no connection. No connection…. no delivery….. no sales….. errrrmm, no revenue. You get the drift.

Apart from this, there’s one more interesting thing about the last mile.  The technology you deploy for the last mile becomes your speed bottle neck for your entire connection to that customer, as it effectively limits the bandwidth of data that can be delivered to the customer. Think about that. The last mile is effectively your bottleneck!

I said all that to say this: 2017 is not over yet. Today officially marks the first step of the last mile. What you do over the next thirty days can effectively determine how the story of 2017 ends for you. What are you going to do?

Here are a few options:

  1. Sit by and watch the days fly by. After all, is it what I did not achieve in eleven months that I will now be trying to achieve in one month? ‘Ngwanu! Kontinue…
  2. Acknowledge that December presents a unique opportunity to put a few more achievements in the bag for 2017. Trust me this is entirely true. We all work better under pressure. You can blame it on the adrenaline. If you put your mind to task, you’ll be amazed at what you can still make happen this year. ‘High Five!’

Hopefully, the right choice is obvious enough. Hopefully, this will remind you to dust your goals up and pick up one or two that you can still make happen this year against all odds.

01.12.2017. The first step of the last mile for Project 2017.

Take charge of your life. Yes, you can.

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  1. Caroline Makinde says:

    Wowww! You are in the spirit Mrs J! Succeeded in getting certified Nov 2. To God be All Glory. As I was thinking nothing could possibly happen again this year, I got interested in a property management training with a fantastic coaching opportunity! I am so fired up! I have great goals. My last mile of this year-end will be great in Jesus Name Amen

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