The Little Things….

Can you believe it’s FriYAY already? Oh yes, it is! Yaaaaay! Lol…

There’s this MTN radio advert that instantly sets me in a great mood every morning. It immediately makes me pause, look up, look around, and smile.

Here’s how it goes:

“Life is more beautiful when you allow yourself to appreciate the little things….ahn ahn… the simple things ahn ahn….Every day is more complete when you allow yourself to appreciate…the little things ahn ahn….the simple things ahn ahn….”

It’s such a beautiful song and a great reminder.

Do you appreciate the little things?

Pause. Look up. Look around. Be grateful. For the littlest and the simplest things.

Like breathing.
Like the beauty of nature around you.
Like colours.
Like the different variety of people you come across every day.
Like family.
Like good health.
Like sound mind.
Like children and their sheer curiosity and innocence.
Like that small step that seems like nothing.
Like favours. Deserved and undeserved.

Take time to notice beauty around you, notice people, notice things, notice the hand of God in your situation. Appreciate them all.

No matter how bad things seemed to have turned out, it could have been worse. You know this.

Take time today to write down 10 things you’re grateful for. Think about them. Allow yourself to appreciate them, no matter how mundane they seem.

The year is drawing to a close, and most people tend to be reminded of the things they wanted to achieve but didn’t in the closing year. This could be good if it pushes you to go for it. But many times the reminder comes in a depressing way. Don’t fall for it!

Gratitude begets more to be grateful for. It’s a natural law.

Take charge of your life. Yes, you can.

P.S: I appreciate you for reading these posts. I’m grateful that I’m able to share my thoughts and experiences with you. And I’m hopeful that it helps you in one way or another. In fact, just knowing that you’re on the other side of this laptop warms my heart!  And when you send me a comment? Oh! Glory!! Hahahaha…..Thank you! 🙂

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  1. Sam Ayo Fadeyi says:

    A good reminder to a generation that is fast becoming more self conceited. A grateful mind is a healthy mind. Keep on being grateful, my dear daughter.

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