The Power of Now…


Last Sunday, I was in an accident.

Nothing serious, but an accident nonetheless.

How did this happen, you may ask.

I was ‘thinking’. The news broke that morning of the passing of one gospel singer called Eric Arubayi, and a few other distressing news about people going through things they didn’t bargain for.

So, here I was wondering about the future and thinking about the past, and asking all sorts of questions in my mind. And I was actively going through all these emotions, and asking all these questions while driving all by myself. Next thing I hear is ‘Gba-gba-gba-gba’……an accident! I had climbed a side walk.

By not focusing on now, I effectively created more distress in the future.

It could have been worse. But thank God.

This got me thinking about the power of now. Living in the now is such a powerful concept. Like the saying goes: Now is the only time we have any power over. The past is gone, and the future hardly ever pans out exactly how we planned. But now? It’s yours to create as you wish.

How many times has someone been talking to you and you’re doing something else, perhaps checking out something on your phone, or allowing your mind wander to something else entirely; or simply just planning your response to what the person is saying to you…

How many times have you been watching a movie, without really watching the movie.

How many times have you engaged in official tasks mindlessly – thinking of other irrelevant things at the same time, making yourself prone to mistakes.

How many times have you made yourself unnecessarily miserable over something in the past, that you have no power to change. As I type this, some people are still fighting their spouse or significant other over Valentine’s gift. Hahahaha…Don’t let that be you.

We all do these things. But, I have now challenged myself to become more engaged with NOW.

I have made a new commitment to engage fully with the person speaking with me now – see them, hear them, feel them; with the task in front of me now – engaging it with all of my intellectual prowess; with the music I’m listening to right now – hear the lyrics, feel the rhythm; with my environment now – see the colours, experience the beauty…

I challenge you to take this challenge with me. Imagine how this will benefit your communications and in turn relationships – with children, spouses, co-workers. Imagine how this will impact the quality of your work and output. Imagine how this will benefit your creativity. Imagine how this will benefit your life and the essence of it. In fact imagine how this will help you create the future you desire. We create create the next moment by what we do in the current moment.

See, I had to spend the next couple of hours on that Sunday, trying to fix the car. And we later had to spend unbudgeted money buying new tyres and all that. I created that.

I have now learnt a simple technique for catching yourself when your mind wanders and jolting yourself back to connect with now. Just say ‘I’m back’, you can say it out loud, or say it under your breadth, depending on the circumstances. But as soon as you notice you have wandered away in your mind. Just say ‘I’m back’, and then try to refocus and re-engage.

The more you practice it, the more you can stay engaged in now.

See everything.

Hear everything.

Taste everything.

Feel everything.

Life is happening now….Live it now!

Hope you take action today!

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