The Power of The Next Step

Next Step

“If you want to know what your future holds… Look at where you are in the Here and Now. The future will be another step down the same path you’re already on. So if you want to feel (be) different tomorrow… Change how you feel (are) today.”  – Jesse Elder

A couple of months ago, I was at a hangout with the lovely ladies of a movement called Inspired Women of Worth (iWoW), and there I listened to Tomi Rotimi of Exclamations speak.

I honestly can’t remember what her topic was, but I heard all about the power of the ‘Next Step’. Maybe this topic especially resonated with me because I typically want to know what the step after the next step is, before moving at all. But, I have since learnt to overcome this limiting bias.

I listened to how this beautiful woman conceived an idea to extend her brand, and she had absolutely no idea how she was going to make it happen. But she did make it happen by simply taking it one step at a time.

She kept challenging herself with thoughts like – what’s the first thing I can do that doesn’t require any money or resources?; now what else can I do?; and then what else can I do?

As she stayed true to these ideas, and kept challenging herself in this way, while putting everything in the hands of God, she started to attract everything she needed to make it a reality, and today it is a reality.

So, that’s food for thought for today.

There’s really no hope of a different or a better future (for you or your career or business), if you don’t brace up, and take the next step!

There’s always something that can be done.  Take the first logical step. The first plausible step. The first possible step. Whatever it is that you can do to take you in the direction of your dreams, just do it.

Remember, the first move is ALWAYS yours, and then God backs you up with the next step, and the next step….until you finally arrive at your destination.

And when it does happen that you fall off-track, just take the next logical step – Get back on track! Just keep moving, take the step after the next step!

“If you want to feel (be) different tomorrow… Change how you feel (are) today.”

Hope you take action today!

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