Mid-year review for the goal-diggers.

Today happens to be the last day of the first half of 2016! Did I get an hallelujah to that?

At this time of year, a lot of companies with a formal performance evaluation system launch a mid-year review to appraise employees against performance objectives/ goals that were set at the beginning of the year. And in effect appraise how the company is doing in terms of it’s corporate objectives for the year. These mid-year reviews are intended to evaluate progress towards intended year-end results. 

And this is a very useful personal exercise, whether you’re a part of that sort of system or not. Simply because the next six months of this year will also roll by as surely as the first six months has done. God keep us all. So, here’s an opportunity to pause and think. Being busy many times doesn’t translate into being productive or moving forward.


The question is are you busy achieving your goals? Kudos to you! At the beginning of the year you did set goals, made resolutions, even put together a bucket list or a vision board. That already puts you in the minority, a vast majority of people don’t get round to actually penning down personal goals. However, setting goals is only about 20% of what it takes to move forward, doing the necessary planning, and taking the necessary action to make those goals a reality is 80.  

Here’s a simple guide for your personal mid-year review (you may also apply it to your business if you’re an entrepreneur). Better still, the more often you can conduct this review the better. Monthly? Quarterly? 

Let’s get into it.

You’ll need about one hour, a copy of your goals for the year, and writing materials.

1.Take a moment to be grateful – What better way to start your mid-year review than being just grateful. Grateful that you’ve come this far this year. Grateful that in spite of everything you can still afford data and read this e-mail. Lol… that’s on the lighter side, but worth being grateful for nonetheless. What else are you grateful for? Make a list now. Nothing is too small, or too big, as long as you feel grateful about it.

Don’t skip this step, gratitude is such a potent force to attract more things to be grateful for. On the other side grumpiness/ ingratitude would also attract more to be grumpy about. #forreal! 

2. Look Back –  This is where you need your written down goals. Add new goals or challenges you’ve taken on over the past six months. Then for each goal write down how much result you should have realised to hit your target by year end, versus how far you have actually gone. For example, if you planned to make 10 million naira this year, then technically you should have made 5 million or thereabout; if you plan to lose 10kg of weight you ought to have lost about 5kg already, give or take. This concept in Project Management is called Earned Value Management*, and it essentially helps put progress in perspective. This should be taken in context however, so that you don’t get discouraged and throw in the towel altogether, lol. All progress, no matter how insignificant it seems, is still good news. What this should help you do is see how much effort is required if you’re still keen on hitting your year-end targets. Other questions to answer while looking back include  –  which of your accomplishments over the last six months are you most proud of? what didn’t go so well? what lessons have you learnt? how do you feel about your life as a whole as at this moment? – under-appreciated, overworked, confused, aimless – whatever you feel is valid, acknowledge it, write it down.

3. Look Forward –  Top questions to ask: Are all of these goals really still relevant? – this is not an invitation to shift the goal post in the middle of the game, it’s an invitation to make sure your goals still make sense for the long term; what can be done to address the areas that didn’t quite work out in the first half? how do you want to feel about your life as a whole at the end of the year (fulfilled, happy, thriving, relevant, loved, etc); what needs to change for this to happen? (habits, skills, knowledge, new sources of income, etc).

And that’s your mid-year review. Now, keep digging for goals in this thy might…!

I hope you’d create time to do this. It’s priceless.

Any comments? Drop a note below, let’s hear it…and don’t forget to share!

P.S: *You can read more about Earned Value Management here: EVM Application Example

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  1. Peju A says:

    Awesome write up! Working through mine now, and I can already feel the difference! Thanks Adenike!

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