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In my first semester at the Lagos Business School, while studying for my full-time MBA, I had to take a few classes in Speed Reading. It seemed rather logical with the volume of material we were expected to digest at the end of each day and discuss in class the following day, we sure needed it. This was the school’s way of subtly making it clear that there would be no excuses for not studying your cases and getting ready to contribute in class. There was a score for class participation, and this made up a fair amount of your final score (can’t remember now, but I think it was about 30%).

If you’re familiar with any of the techniques of Speed Reading, you know they require you to sort of glance across a material in a methodical fashion, and that’s it. You’ve read the material. Speed Reading promises to allow you get the gist of the material you’re reading without having to really read every word. I loved the idea of learning to Speed Read when I saw it on the time table, but then my over-logical mind kept asking ‘how will I know that I really got the gist’ ‘how will I know that I’ll be able to recall that information I Sped Read when I need it’. Good question, you might say.

The day of the first Speed Reading class arrived and I voiced my fears. The facilitator gave me a very warm smile and said: “There is no way to know before hand, you just have to follow the principles and trust your brain” And then she added, “It definitely gets better with practice” (paraphrased).   Hmmm, just like that? Trust my brain!

‘Trust your brain!’ I’ll never forget that phrase, because I’ve had to apply it several times over. You see, this issue of ‘Trust’ is required to achieve so many things in life.

Many times what’s holding us back from achieving great feats is ‘Trust’.

We don’t trust that we truly have what it takes to make it work…. make that dream a reality…..attract the necessary support or funding….. turn that passion into a global business….make something out of seeming nothing.

We don’t trust that God will catch us, even if we were to make a mistake. Trusting is not easy, but it is so important. We must learn what and who to trust, and how to trust.

Let me digress a bit. Did you catch all that Zuckerberg #famzing on social media this week? Lol… His Lagos visit made me read up about him and how he started Facebook a bit. I have kinda fallen in love with the guy o. But, don’t bother calling DH, I told him this morning. And it won’t last anyway. Lol….

So, Mark Zuckerberg is that kid who got introduced to programming at an early age. And he found a way to solve every problem with programming – video games for his friends, a communication network for his father’s dental practice, CourseMatch for course selection and study groups,  Facemash which allowed students choose the best looking person from a choice of photos, and eventually Facebook. Most of these things he did for fun. Solving every problem the only way he knew how to – Programming.

The journey to Facebook saw Zuckerberg dropping out of Harvard in his second year……


If he didn’t trust that he could make it in this world without an ‘Havard’ degree, he might have held off on that idea, and someone else might have run with it. You know he didn’t go and learn programming to create Facebook. He probably had no idea he would even create something like that when he started. My guess is that he enjoyed programming and just went on an unscripted journey with it.


Trust your passions. Trust your instincts. It’s the compass of your soul. Therein lies your unique greatness.

Take it one step at a time. If you think you might love something, try it out. If a particular problem seems to bother you, explore how you can solve it in your own little way. Explore options. Give yourself permission. Quit worrying about money [at least not a lot :)].

Trust your journey. It will all make sense eventually.

More importantly, trust your God. Because, He knows exactly how to bring it all together. And if you need proof, check Him out! Everything written about Him is great!

Hope you take action today!

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