What if you get fired?

There’s a new set of cool naija kids on the block.

They are internet millionaires. They simply sit anywhere they like with a laptop and a strong internet connection and they make things happen. Not yahoo kind of things ooo…Lol…

This is legit. They buy and sell, and do most of the other things brick and mortar businesses do…but 80% of their work/ business happens over the internet. Quite fascinating.

Internet M2

Because I happen to know a handful of these cool kids person

ally, the question of whether to resign and pursue a seemingly fancy dream has crossed my mind more than once in the last few months, I mean who doesn’t want to save the commute everyday and do what they love, where they love and how they love. And the control you now have over your time? Not to talk of what this can do to your earning potential?! Quite tempting. But like many of us, ermmmm the bird in my hand at the moment seems to be worth 10 in the bush. The truth though is that things are hardly ever what they seem, or are they? Still wondering about this silently, when last week, nearly everyday I saw it…. or heard it….

Sacks and rumors of sack….from banks to telecoms to oil and gas….even a state government sacked 3,000! And it has continued this week!

So, the question that was playing at the back of my mind flipped, from ‘Should I also quit?’ to ‘What if I got fired too?’ Of course I rejected it each time – immediately and aggressively – it is not my portion, keep it moving Mr. L (Lucifer), I’m not your candidate …Lol!! 

I have turned this question over in my mind a couple of times, and now I have an answer: I don’t expect to get fired, but if I do, I’ll be more than ready to hire myself. I’ll follow that fancy dream. Q.E.D. Of course this is not the only answer, but its the answer I’ve chosen. Especially because in the process of becoming the kind of person who can hire myself, I also become much more attractive to be re-hired if I am so persuaded. So it’s a win-win. Not that I expect that I could be persuaded sha ooo…Hehehehe. But to be able to pull this off nicely, you really have to get ready to hire yourself before you get fired. Of course the biggest enemy of this ‘getting readiness‘ is TIME. Where is the time to sit down and discover/ explore what I could possibly be doing if I wasn’t employed? Where is the time to sit down and discover what else I could possibly be doing if my current customers turn their backs on me? (got that? entrepreneurs can get fired too o,by their ‘Ogas at the Top’ – the customers), your industry may be changing and you haven’t paid attention – I understand, there’s no time, but you just may get fired! even as an entrepreneur! Where is the time to devote to gradually refining my craft and coming into my own?….hmmmmn, there’s no time!!!

Let’s explore the concept of constraints, shall we…


In Project Management parlance, a constraint is any thing that restricts or dictates the actions of the project team. In other words, project constraints define boundary lines on a project. You can think of constraints as sign posts that say ‘Go no further’. So, go no further than this with cash, with time, with quality (yes, lol…), with other resources. More often than not a project has several competing constraints (time, cost, quality, etc), but the job of the skillful project manager is to balance all these in a way that he/she still meets the business objective of the project.

And so it is in your life and mine. In order to create anything worthwhile we must learn to deftly balance our ‘constraints’. No one has access to unlimited time, unlimited funds, unlimited skills, not even unlimited motivation. But whatever you create with your life gets more remarkable because of the presence of the constraints, not the absence of them.

Dear Friend, it’s time to take a critical look at the constraints keeping you from gradually bettering yourself to the point where you become the sort of person who is truly not bothered by news or rumors of lay-offs, or coming hardships. It’s time to get creative with your constraints, and get ready to get fired!

I’d love to read your comments on this…. What u gonna do, what u gonna do, what u gonna do if they come for you? {Know that song? }. Tell me what you gonna do in the comments below!

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P.S: Find out what I mean by getting creative with your constraints in Part 2! Coming soon! Nollywood style!!


  1. Aaron says:

    I read this, I like it but don’t forget sometimes it’s easier said than done. However I like your writing style and I think you can blow up yourself even more if you get active on Twitter. .

  2. Adams says:

    Good day Madam. I do enjoy your masterpiece on this blog. I have made several promises to be PMP since 2008 all to no avail. Kindly advice on other possible opportunities available.

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