What’s luck got to do with it?: Calculation meets Serendipity

In the last few weeks, I’ve been fascinated by a couple of things: 1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Such a bundle of creative genius. I’ve just read Half of a yellow sun, and believe me, I’m still mourning the loss of Kainene.

Still wondering what could have happened to her! How can she just disappear like that!! I’ve also read Purple Hibiscus and Americannah. If you haven’t read any of her books, please come on board!

2. The unfolding political landscape and the ‘change’ that has come our way: Where a sitting President is floored and he happily concedes (even declares he has been in a cage…lol). Jimi Agbaje has also conceded. Ahn ahn! Where is all the drama we were all anticipating. This is so refreshingly new! Someone on social media even asked how come they all have each other’s phone numbers sef! Lol…

I remember having a conversation about politics in Nigeria with a couple of smart young people at the cafeteria of the Lagos Business School after a program, less than two years ago. And one of them said quite convincingly: “PDP will rule this country for as long as they wish to. This is a fact. They are the only ones that have the machinery across the nation. Who is going to unseat them?” [Paraphrased]. I have always been wary of generalised sentiments and assumptions stated as facts. But this time around, I’m in awe….

How did this come to be. Our President-elect presented himself for the fourth time and finally got lucky? Some unseen force made Nigerians suddenly fall in love with him. Right? Wrong!

When a goal you are extremely passionate about seems to constantly elude you. It’s time to pause and re-think your strategy. Why is this goal out of reach? What is working in your favour? What is not? What can be done? What needs to change? Who can help? Is the timing right? Once you carefully consider and address each of these, then the old age definition of luck as a meeting of opportunity and preparedness will surely ring true again.

In real life, success is brought about by a single-minded focus on clearly stated goals, mixed with a preparedness to take advantage of anticipated and unanticipated opportunities as they unfold; while also leveraging available support systems.  The impact of having the right support system cannot be over-emphasised. Sometimes the short cut to achieving your dreams lies in finding the right platform, or mentor or sponsor. Buhari + APC + Right timing = Success. He had tried to go it with other parties at different times but it didn’t quite work out. Needless to say that in the 21st century, individuals don’t win, only teams do.

Political analysts have made bold to say the opposition won the Presidential election on paper the day APC was born.

Food for thought!


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