What’s your personal agenda?


Hey Fam!

I have a question for you.

When you wake up in the morning: Do you have a personal agenda for your day?

When you attend seminars, events, parties: Do you go there with a personal agenda?

When you go to work in the morning: Do you arrive with a personal agenda?

When you spark off a friendship or relationship: Is there an agenda?

I want you to imagine being invited to a meeting. You get there, and there is no agenda. No intention. Before long everyone starts to do whatever catches their fancy – side talks, working on individual devices, did I hear someone say social media? If you’re like me, the first thing that crosses your mind is: ‘This is a total waste of time. Isn’t there an agenda for this meeting?’

You should feel the same way when you do any of the above with no intention. When you lunge into your day without taking a few moment to think it through, when you get up and attend events without being clear what it might help you achieve, when you go to work every day doing the barest minimum and simply hoping for the best in your career. I would tread a bit carefully with relationships because no one wants to think of themselves as being part of your ‘personal’ agenda, but the truth is everyone is happier if the intention and boundaries of relationships are clear. A lot of people want to meet celebrities, or get a mentor, or join a clique – but no intention! It just sounds nice! Or even worse, you can get a selfie for social media….. #Huh?! Lol…

You’re wasting precious time buddy! Wake up! Time is the stuff that life is made of, you need an agenda!

There are no grey areas, it’s either you’re running your own personal agenda, or you’re wasting the good ol’ time. Or worse still you’re a pawn in someone else’s personal agenda and you don’t even know it.

I heard the phrase ‘Personal Agenda’ at a networking mixer organised for the #9to5chick by Glory Edozien yesterday, and I’ve not been able to shake it off my mind. This is something we should all do deliberately without the slightest iota of guilt. Let’s stop being naive. You need to look out for you, no one else will. Get an agenda for your life, or others will fill it up with random, even useless things, and you’ll never find fulfilment.

So, I want you to take a moment today to just have a think through again: What is your intention for the various aspects of your life including your business/ career? Where is the agenda for making it happen?

If you can’t think of an agenda for any event, please don’t go. Even if your agenda is to get a breather and catch loads of fun, at least be clear in your mind.

I hear you say but many things are really not within my power, what’s the use setting an agenda for such…I hear you! You must play your part. Look for the very things within your power and focus on those.

Prepare. Stay hungry. Stay focused. Stay aware. Stay visible. Stay ready. And it will all work together for your good.

Now, go get your agenda.

Hope you take acton today!

Hearty Cheers!

N.B: Sharing makes the world go round…..

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