What’s so special about December?


This is for you if 2016 so far hasn’t been everything you hoped and dreamed.

This is for you if 2016 dealt you a rather tough hand.

This is for you if you do a mental check of your long list of ‘things to achieve in 2016’, and quite a lot is yet to be crossed off.

This is for you if you struggle to see what’s so special about December.

So, here’s a my take….

December is simply a time to Remember….

To reflect on the last year, and purposefully usher in the new one.

A time to remember to be grateful for the most simple gift of life.

A time to strengthen our resolve to make a mark in the current year. For your career, your family, your finances…

A time to spread love and kindness in commemoration of the birth of Our King!

A time to take stock, and clean house….literally, and not so literally…

A time to hope again, against hope.

After all, December promises to usher in a new year, a new lease of life, a new round of celebrations, a new time to dream, a new opportunity to achieve….

So, let’s put on an attitude of gratitude and welcome December with the intention to crown this roller coaster year with a Big Bang!

It’s never too late people! A lot can still happen this year…Give December a big smile, and a warm embrace!

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! La-la-la-la-la…..

We’re ready December, bring on all the goodies you’ve got!

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