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Hey Fam!

While reflecting on what to share today, I realized we are yet at another half way mark through the year. It’s 30th June people! Officially half year!

What’s your take on 2017 so far? Is it all you planned it to be? What’s going well, what’s not? What are you grateful for? What do you wish with all your might you could just change? If you continued with the second half of this year the way you have done this first half, how do you predict your year will end? Remember the concept of Earned Value Management (EVM) in Project Management? This is where it applies to life…

And yes, you guessed right! It’s time to pause and reflect.

This time last year, I shared my approach for personal goal reviews here: mid-year review for the goal diggers.

Follow the link, and go through the review (I also talk about EVM in that post). Just pausing to think helps give you clarity and perspective. The year may jolly well not be as bad as you now think it is…errrrm…., and vice versa.

As you review your year, don’t forget to do it with a grateful, can-do lens.

The secret to whether you can still make the most of this year no matter what went down in the first half (and your role in that), lies in your perception of your role in what’s going down in the second. 

You are more powerful, than you care to think or imagine.

Here’s the link to your review: mid-year review for the goal diggers.

Hearty Cheers!


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