Your strategy is not what you say it is…


There’s one book that has warmed it’s way into our hearts – myself and darling husband (DH) that is. We’ve gifted more than 15 copies of this book in the past year and a half or so. I have in fact made a commitment to read this book at the beginning of every year, and I find myself still running back during the year. It’s that awesome, so full of wisdom.

The title of this book is ‘How will you measure your life’….


I may do a full review of this book sometime, but today I want to focus on just one thing.

In it’s fourth chapter, the authors talk about strategy (your career/ life strategy). Now Strategy is one word that get’s bandied around a lot. In fact sometime last week, I was going through my daughter’s work at Summer School, and I saw the topic ‘Spelling Strategies’, it made me laugh out loud.

Strategy – What does it even mean?

Here’s the explanation my daughter and I settled on: Your strategy is how you plan to get it right. Or how you plan to win. 

Or how you plan to achieve a specified goal, if you prefer. The word strategy isn’t so very often associated with the art of war, or the game of chess for no reason. It’s about winning, it’s about victory, it’s about achieving a set goal.

What’s your strategy for your career? What’s your strategy for your family? What’s your strategy for that closer walk with God that keeps making it back to your new year resolution?

Shhhh…there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t have anything articulated. Your strategy is hardly ever what you say it is anyway. Whether articulated or not, you’re executing a strategy today, and that’s an important concept to grasp. You are executing a strategy whether consciously or unconsciously. Strategy and Execution are two sides of the same coin. Strategy is a doing word. Strategy is what you do, not what you say. 

So, what strategy are you executing is a more appropriate question. If you want to find out what strategy you are executing for any aspect of your life or business, here’s what the book says…

“You can talk all you want about having a strategy (or plan or purpose) for your life (or your business), understanding motivation, and balancing aspirations with unanticipated opportunities. But ultimately, this means nothing if you do not align those with where you actually expend your time, money, and energy.

In other words, how you allocate your resources is where the rubber meets the road.

Real strategy – in companies and in our lives – is created through hundreds of everyday decisions about where we spend our resources. As you’re living your life from day to day, how do you make sure you’re heading in the right direction? Watch where your resources flow. If they’re not supporting the strategy you’ve decided upon, then you’re not implementing that strategy at all.” 

*brackets inserted by me*

There you have it! Your strategy (or plan or purpose) for your life or your business, is what you do with your life (or business), not what you say you’ll do.

This is a call to action to be more deliberate about how and where you expend your time, energy and money – in other words how you allocate your resources.

“…Because if the decisions you make about where you invest your blood, sweat and tears are not consistent with the person you aspire to be, you’ll never become that person.”

In a nutshell, supply all the required resources to execute the right strategy, and #winningissure! 

Hope you take action today!

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